Secret Court Reinstates Obama’s NSA Stasi Domestic Phone Spying Program ( Surprise!!)

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.

— Thomas Jefferson

The doctrine that we are to take away from other nations any possessions of theirs which we think that we could manage better than they are managing them, or that we are to take in hand any countries which we do not think capable of self-government, is one which will lead us very far. With that doctrine in the background, our politicians will have no trouble to find a war ready for us the next time that they come around to the point where they think that it is time for us to have another. We are told that we must have a big army hereafter. What for; unless we propose to do again by and by what we have just done? In that ease our neighbors have reason to ask themselves whom we will attack next. They must begin to arm, too, and by our act the whole western world is plunged into the distress under which the eastern world is groaning. Here is another point in regard to which the conservative elements in the country are making a great mistake to allow all this militarism and imperialism to go on without protest. It will be established as a rule that, whenever political ascendancy is threatened, it can be established again by a little war, filling the minds of the people with glory and diverting their attention from their own interests. Hard-headed old Benjamin Franklin hit the point when, referring back to the days of Marlborough, he talked about the “pest of glory.” The thirst for glory is an epidemic which robs a people of their judgment, seduces their vanity, cheats them of their interests, and corrupts their consciences.

This scheme of a republic which our fathers formed was a glorious dream which demands more than a word of respect and affection before it passes away. Indeed, it is not fair to call it a dream or even an ideal; it was a possibility which was within our reach if we had been wise enough to grasp and hold it. It was favored by our comparative isolation, or, at least, by our distance from other strong states.

The men who came here were able to throw off all the trammels of tradition and established doctrine. They went out into a wilderness, it is true, but they took with them all the art, science, and literature which, up to that time, civilization had produced. They could not, it is true, strip their minds of the ideas which they had inherited, but in time, as they lived on in the new world, they sifted and selected these ideas, retaining what they chose. Of the old-world institutions also they selected and adopted what they chose and threw aside the rest. It was a grand opportunity to be thus able to strip off all the follies and errors which they had inherited, so far as they chose to do so. They had unlimited land with no feudal restrictions to hinder them in the use of it. Their idea was that they would never allow any of the social and political abuses of the old world to grow up here. There should be no manors, no barons, no ranks, no prelates, no idle classes, no paupers, no disinherited ones except the vicious. There were to be no armies except a militia, which would have no functions but those of police. They would have no court and no pomp; no orders, or ribbons, or decorations, or titles. They would have no public debt. They repudiated with scorn the notion that a public debt is a public blessing if debt was incurred in war it was to be paid in peace and not entailed on posterity. There was to be no grand diplomacy, because they intended to mind their own business and not be involved in any of the intrigues to which European statesmen were accustomed. There was to be no balance of power and no “reason of state” to cost the life and happiness of citizens. The only part of the Monroe doctrine which is valid was their determination that the social and political systems of Europe should not be extended over any part of the American continent, lest people who were weaker than we should lose the opportunity which the new continent gave them to escape from those systems if they wanted to. Our fathers would have an economical government, even if grand people called it a parsimonious one, and taxes should be no greater than were absolutely necessary to pay for such a government. The citizen was to keep all the rest of his earnings and use them as he thought best for the happiness of himself and his family; lie was, above all, to be insured peace and quiet while he pursued his honest industry and obeyed the laws.

No adventurous policies of conquest or ambition, such as, in the belief of our fathers, kings and nobles had forced, for their own advantage, on European states, would ever be undertaken by a free democratic republic. Therefore the citizen here would never be forced to leave his family or to give his sons to shed blood for glory and to leave widows and orphans in misery for nothing. Justice and law were to reign in the midst of simplicity, and a government which had little to do was to offer little field for ambition. In a society where industry, frugality, and prudence were honored, it was believed that the vices of wealth would never flourish.

==The Conquest of the United States by Spain (1899) W.G. Sumner

AmFlagSpyWebSpain did win, as feared by Yale’s Professor Sumner, but more importantly, history won and the American people, the American Republic, we lost. It was with the knowledge of the self-corrupting influences of empire and foreign wars from which the American founders gave their warnings. Warnings America did not head, the will to power, the force of nature and history stuffed our ears with our own self-righteousness. A state of patriotic, jingoistic hubris that was used by the moneyed and corporate interests to seduce Americans down a path from which there would be no escape. A path that the founding fathers of the failed experiment called America knew damn well would lead to our eventual self-destruction.

For what we have done to others inures the power elites into doing the same to us. The Biblical Commandments warned of this as well, but can be modified for the super-organism called the State: Do unto others is what you will end up doing to yourselves. Thus we have arrived into a State of Tyranny and eventual suppression. The idea that “it can’t happen here” is ludicrous beyond absurdity and is the false meme that has infected the masses into their all too willing acceptance of their coming slavery, because they do not believe it is happening.

obama-struggles-to-deal-with-fallout-from-nsa-surveillance-spying-edward-snowden-cia-fbi-big-brotherDo you really think that Americans are genetically or so socially and culturally advanced that we are a different species than the men and women of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviets? With all of the overwhelming evidence of our nations corruption from the Oval Office to the corporate board rooms and the canyons of Wall Street and the increasingly brazen disregard for any consequences that we are so different?

The open disregard for the laws of this land are nothing more than an indication that the ruling power elites know that the American people have become so brainwashed, so controlled by the media and all of the avenues of State propaganda, so disunited by the intentional divisiveness of race, religion, family and false issues, false flags, and seduced into a coma of false Democratic processes and entertainment distractions, as well as personal lasciviousness, that we have already become the slaves that has been the elites goals for the “common” men, women and “other” for several generations. We are now paying for our sin–the sin of following the well worn path taken by all the empires before us.

The empire that lies ahead is one of total State control as the nation that was America withers away leaving the transnational capitalist class supported globally by the American transnational State. The writing is on the wall. Perhaps, it has been since the last dramatic signature was placed on a now failed piece of parchment. 

Just in time for Independence Day the Obama occupying government provided another example of just how “free” that we really are. In a ruling on Monday the ultra-secret surveillance court “temporarily” reinstated those “illegal” domestic phone data collection programs what were allegedly reformed by the USA Freedom Act last month. So much for that happy horseshit about surveillance reform bandied about by all of the political phonies and liberal elitists with their premature victory lap. It is easy to trump the courts and silly privacy advocates when the government has their own secret courts to fall back on.

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Source: Secret Court Reinstates Obama’s NSA Stasi Domestic Phone Spying Program – Downtrend

Possible? Of course it is.