See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

giphy-29I could not agree more with Mike Adam’s comments below. Those working to destroy this nation know no moral or ethical restraints.They are criminals. What is going is a conspiracy to steal the elections and to think it is not coordinated is to deny what is happening in front of our very eyes. As a conspiracy to destroy the democratic process, or what is left of it, in America is treason and the conspiracy to do so should be prosecuted under the RICO laws. In this case, anyone associated with the criminality is as guilty as the mastermind. From George Soros to the corrupt media and the Justice Department and White House, the investigation should cast a very wide net and all those found to be involved prosecuted as soon as possible.

Certainly, they should immediately resign of forced out of office or their jobs. We need a clean sweep of the corruption and rot in Washington and all associated with it throughout the nation, otherwise this revolution will fail. The powers arrayed against us are deep and dangerous. Their tentacles reach into every corner of this country. We have a chance, but this is it. It will never happen again. Never.  

See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

To even call this 2016 president election an “election” is a cruel joke. Democracy is supposed to be about open, fair and free elections, and those elections must be predicated on open, fair and free access to information so that voters can make an informed decision. Yet all we have today is a media that’s in the tank for Hillary, a justice system infiltrated by deep state corruption, a voting system rife with leftist fraud, a culture of extremist, violent intimidation of those who oppose Clinton and an Obama regime steeped in such criminality and fraud that it actively encourages illegal aliens to run across the border to America so they can vote.

This isn’t an election… it’s a coordinated leftist coup d’etat.

The aim of the coup is to occupy all the positions of power in America with radical leftists, communists and criminal democrat party loyalists. From those positions of power, the strategy is to systematically dismantle the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court while crushing the American middle class with punitive economic policies that keep the masses trapped in poverty (Obamacare, anyone?).

It’s now abundantly obvious to nearly every thinking person that democracy has been ripped to shreds in America, and the deep state criminal regime in power exists solely to protect and enrich itself at the expense of everyone else.

GONE is the idea of representing the interests of the People.

GONE is any desire for government to operate with transparency and accountability.

GONE is any trust in voters by the powerful elite, who distrust the voters so much that they make sure every election is rigged in advance.

GONE is any economic policy rooted in sanity or mathematics. Now, numbers and dollars from Washington are all rooted in mental illness and delusion.

GONE is any semblance of the concept that justice is blind and that all laws apply to all the people just the same, no matter how powerful they may be.

GONE is any public trust in ANY institution of government, from Congress, to the federal courts, to the regulators like the EPA, to even the FBI.

GONE is any notion that the government should defend the nation’s borders and control the flow of immigrants into the country for all the obvious reasons.

And GONE is any concept of journalistic integrity across the mainstream media, an institution that now holds actual journalism in contempt (i.e. the work of Wikileaks or Project Veritas). Now, the media insists that no one question the government, no transparency is necessary, and government operatives have no obligation to explain any of their actions or cover-ups. Richard Nixon is rolling in his grave…


Source: See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST –