Senate Democrats No. 1 Priority After the Recess?


Even the shepherd protects his sheep, but he does so to serve his own interest, not theirs, and when the time comes, he will Wolves 2shear or slaughter them as his interest dictates.
===Neither Liberty nor Safety: Fear, Ideology, and the Growth of Government -(Robert Higgs)

Today, in America, as has been put so clearly by John Whitehead, the government is not controlled by shepherds, but by wolves. The illusion is wavering, at least for a growing few. But the tools of mind control and propaganda have become so sophisticated and pervasive that anyone who stands against the insanity of this government is increasingly at risk, subtly at first but eventually the gloves will come off. Be wary of the Shepard, but fear the wolf.

3679904939_0a18356d4d_oWhen the Senate reconvenes today, the No.1 legislative priority of Democrats is to pass a resolution that would gut the First Amendment, one of the few times in American history an amendment has been proposed to cut back on part of the Bill of Rights.

It’s probably no surprise they want to restrict political speech that could threaten their incumbency, but it is a bit ironic coming just a little more than one week before Constitution Day on Sept. 17.

So, the Senate and the House of Representatives return from a month-long recess and, with everything happening in the world at the moment, the legislative schedule set by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., for Sept. 8, available here on the website of the “Democrats in the U.S. Senate,” includes consideration of a few nominations but lists only one legislative item: a motion to invoke cloture (end debate) on S.J.Res. 19.

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