Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle To Control Women; And Everyone Else

51ldE40lC9L._SY433_BO1,204,203,200_Why hasn’t Secretary of State Kerry banned, jailed and frozen assets of ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood leaders in USA as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia & Egypt are doing right now in their own countries??

Why are we sending intelligence & military expertise to fight ISIS, instead of simply cutting off extremist funding & Muslim Brotherhood leadership right here in America? How could our Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, possibly say that “The Islamic State (ISIS) is not Islamic”. What is going on?

ISIS in Syria is not our biggest problem. Radical Islam in AMERICA is our biggest problem, in its violent and non-violent forms. The political movement of Radical Islam, known as Sharia-ism is branching out across America seeking to over-rule our constitutional liberties to accommodate their fundamental version of Islam. And reporters, journalists, politicians, publishers, law enforcement & even our FBI must not question or criticize their actions lest they violate freedom of religion.

Sharia-ism denies individual liberties and erodes secularism. And Sharia-ism is a lot more than simple terrorism. Just read these examples, which you will find in this book: On Sept 25 2014, a black former prison inmate beheaded his fellow woman co-worker as he shouted Koranic verses at an Oklahoma food processing plant.

In 2009, FBI director Robert Mueller himself stated that radical Muslim prison chaplains were converting 1 in 3 African American inmates in U.S Prisons to Radical Islam.

Today, the U.S. Prison Dept. continues to work with this same “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood group to select chaplains. In 2012, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee flatly refused to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood in America, calling this request by fellow Congressmen, “insensitive” and discriminatory.

Young American Muslim girls by the hundreds and possibly thousands are being sent on vacation each year during school breaks, to forcibly marry a strange relative. She returns as his “vacation bride” and sexual servant, and her fundamental Muslim husband applies for U.S. Citizenship. Faced with greater numbers of vacation brides, Germany & Great Britain have created special airport security teams to identify & protect suspected young victims, and shut down this pipeline of extremist new immigrant men.

Where does religion end and politics begin? How can we protect freedom of religion and keep Americans and America safe? How are European Leaders drawing this line?

Source: Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle To Control Women; And Everyone Else: Joy Brighton: Books