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This man is despicable and a disgrace. The Sharpton and media fanned frenzy that is Ferguson sadly distracts from the real issue of an overtly, excessively militarized police in America and the cases of real, avoidable police abuse of all citizens rights in the nation, not just the black population. The justification and rationalizations used to defend police force, lethal or otherwise, against one segment of the American population will most certainly, over time, destroy the necessary empathy and sensitivities of police dealing with all Americans. From dogs to blacks to white protesters the corrosive effects of a militarized, insulated coercive power will eventually lead to the use of excessive, even deadly force against all citizens regardless of race, religion or national origin. 

MSNBC host Al Sharpton reacted tonight to the Ferguson grand jury verdict by calling it an “absolute blow to those of us that wanted to see a fair and open trial.” And, as he lamented, “even when you see a blow coming that you expected, it still hurts nonetheless.”

Sharpton took some serious issue with what the St. Louis prosecutor said in announcing Officer Darren Wilson won’t be indicted in Michael Brown‘s death, and repeatedly emphasized the difference between certain standards on the state and federal level. And it should be noted that the Department of Justice is still conducting its own investigation.

Sharpton said he’ll be in Ferguson in the morning to speak publicly with Michael Brown’s parents and will then “rally around the country.”

Muslim Ferguson Agitator Displays Arrogance and Belligerence During TV Interview

By Shoebat

Bassem Masri is an arab Muslim who has been arrested on more than one occasion in Ferguson. As has reported, he is doing his part to foment unrest in the area and was recently interviewed by Michael Smerconish.

In the exchange below, it’s clear what kind of person the police are having to deal with in Masri. The man is unhinged and completely irrational. His mind has been made up; he’s the victim of injustice. He admits he doesn’t care what the facts are in the shooting death of Michael Brown and says he knows what happened without having to see those facts.

Smerconish, who has built a reputation over the years as a left-leaning radio talk show host, is clearly taken aback by Masri’s arrogant and belligerent demeanor.

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