‘Shemitah’ starts at sundown: Are you ready? ( Regardless of religion, there is indeed a reckoning coming, a market and economic collapse–and subsequent further steps towards tyranny

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion--Edmund Burke

ghostbust.219aThere are many reasons why most people do not understand that our rights are being lost. People think we have a democracy with the people in charge, because this is what the controlled media tells us. Certain agencies like the CIA used public relations firms, authors, and journalists to fool the public and to perform roles the government cannot legally do. In the 1970’s it was revealed that the CIA had hired hundreds of journalists to shape public opinion. ( The Church Committee). It would be extremely naive not to appreciate that such disinformation continues to manipulate and confuse people.

Theories help create facts, and people who exist inside a paradigm are quite comfortable with the facts they are told. People who present information outside of the existing paradigm are initially called silly, but gradually as different views become a threat to the status quo, people with new ideas are demonized as crazy, extremist, or racist. Conflicting paradigms are sharply resisted. 

—-Treason ( Gurudas)


I am not yet of the faith, nor belief, that there is a devil or a God, but I am now certain that there is, in fact, evil. It is planned, coordinated through time and distance and it has always been with us. It transcends the evil that resides in each of us or in humanity in general. It may be just the reflection of the gestalt of the evil inherent in the conscious mind that feeds on mankind’s weaknesses and grows more prevalent, more pronounced with the disintegration of civilizations moral, ethical and religious restraints. A conspiracy of like minded people unchained by feelings of empathy and any sense of the absolute, corrupted by power, money and lust, whose combined wills creates an institutionalized, systemic transcendent purpose that survives independent of the individuals under its domain. Or it could be independent of humanity, thriving in a different dimension or plain, but outside of man’s collective consciousness.  Regardless, of how and why or even its ultimate guiding ends, it is very evident to me now that it exists. Not only does it exist, but it is winning.

The timing of this book and its prognostication can certainly be coincidence, or simply based on the authors awareness of the cycles of markets and the mirage of the current economic recovery and expansion that has been foisted on the American people and the world by governments and central bankers. But excellent timing it is, for we are very, very close to a cataclysmic fall in financial markets and a coincident period of extreme socioeconomic turbulence of, if I may use the euphemism, “Biblical” proportions.

‘Shemitah’ starts at sundown: Are you ready?.