SHOCK VIDEO: Producer Said CNN Focused Sniper-like Scope on Trump, Bannon To Simulate Oval Office Assassination

CNN has gone too far this time. A segment on President Donald Trump and his inner circle, including senior advisor Steve Bannon, was purposely manipulated to show what resembles the scope and perch of a sniper’s rifle fixed on White House personnel through an Oval Office window, according to a network producer who spoke with True Pundit.

“This was done intentionally to simulate the vantage point of a would-be assassin stalking the White House,” the network producer said. “It is outrageous. I have never seen anything like this covering international politics, not even in third-world countries. People should be fired and ashamed.”

CNN’s message through the troubling imagery is clear, the cable producer said: This was a simulated assassination.

Specifically, Bannon, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were shown in the cross-hairs of the sniper-like scope feed though CNN said it had captured additional video of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus inside the Oval Office during the same meeting. It is not clear when the footage of the additional White House staff aired.

The cable network insider said there was no other reason to air the actual footage, which CNN hyped as a “heated” argument caught on tape. There was no actual argument, however. The video did not show any dramatic debate and the fake story was little more than a cover for CNN to air its not-so-subliminal and troubling imagery.

What CNN has done here in certainly no accident, as even a common viewer can ascertain. The abrasive and outrageous video tells the story itself. And a review of CNN’s White House footage during the Obama administration shows no similar camera exploitation to simulate a rifleman’s perch during his eight-year tenure in the White House. So why would CNN suddenly change gears? By accident? Hardly.

“Can you imagine if this was done to Obama,” the producer asked.

Again, we checked. It never was. By any network. Nor would it have been tolerated by the White House or his supporters.

In his war with the media, Trump has labeled CNN as “fake news” and then later “very fake news.” Apparently, that now includes fake assassinations.

Source: SHOCK VIDEO: Producer Said CNN Focused Sniper-like Scope on Trump, Bannon To Simulate Oval Office Assassination | True Pundit