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20130104-national-affairs-306x-1357314071Tyranny of the majority is what the “piece of parchment” tried to prevent as well as a tyranny of the oligarchs, whose propaganda machinery and welfare payola dependencies manipulates the lobotomized minds of a dumbed down populace in order to enhance and protect their power and wealth. The document was designed to protect ourselves from ourselves–it has failed. An ignorant people more interested in whether there will be a Velveeta shortage before the Super Bowl is what we have become, intentionally driven here by those who control the machinery of state.

lynch-mob-2The mob ruled for a while in the streets of Paris during the reign of terror–that was democracy unchained-each and every one of us has a phylogenetic, innate propensity to evil–it is an evolutionary trait of obvious social and individual survival necessity or it would have been obviated eons ago. Without the codified, respected rule of law and protection of the individual against the mob as well as against the tyranny of a powerful oligopoly of power elites with access to the coercive arms of a police state we, the people, become we the slaughtered lambs. We need the constitutional restraints as originally intended now more than ever–the rule of law as it applies to the mighty arrogant aristocracy of wealth and power as well as to the “democratic” mob.

This kind of  Utopian, ‘noble savage’  insidiousness is the deadliest of progressive diseases. It is based on the false belief in that only socioeconomic and cultural environments dictate human behavior and that humans are simply acculturated and malleable subjected to a relativistic dynamic that is solely constrained by the ever changing needs of “society” i.e the majority. This carries the inevitable seeds of liberal fascist tyranny.

1101110704_400In 1927, the American Communist leader Jay Lovestone aroused Moscow’s ire by arguing that industry in the United States was so youthful and vigorous as to be exempt from the traditional Marxist laws of capitalist crisis and decay. ‘American exceptionalism’ – the phrase that the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin used to describe Lovestone’s heresy – then went underground for more than half a century, only to emerge in the 1980s, strangely enough among US neoconservatives.

Standing Stalin on his head – or, as they would undoubtedly prefer, on his feet – the neocons argued that the US was exceptional after all, not just ‘the indispensable nation’, as the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright would later have it, but fundamentally different from every other country on Earth. Newt Gingrich wrote an entire book celebrating American exceptionalism while the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney repeatedly invoked it on the 2012 campaign trail. ‘Our President doesn’t have the same feelings about American exceptionalism that we do,’ he complained. Not to be outdone, Barack Obama declared in a major foreign policy address last year: ‘I believe in American exceptionalism with every fibre of my being.’

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