Something Very Big Is Going Down And The Clock Is Ticking!

The Real “Calm Before the Storm”? The American Purge.

All of the major events over the past few months from Las Vegas, to the Texas church shooting, to the entire purge in Saudi Arabia under Crown Prince Salman (affectionately referred to as MBS) to the filing of well over 384 ( if not closer to 700 now?) sealed indictments in Federal Courts across the nation, with 31 in DC and 50 in northern Virginia and 7 in the Clinton Crime Family’s original headquarters, Little Rock Arkansas.

There actually may be hundreds more than this across the nation. It is virtually impossible to believe that these federal indictments all filed over the past several weeks are defining criminal activities or improprieties of Donald Trump, his campaign or of his administration. There is something very big going down and may be about to burst upon us, perhaps with President Trump’s upcoming announcement?

The Deep State and their corrupted, compromised and likely pedophile minions in the Congress and the former administration of the tool of the CIA/Soros/Clinton Cabal, Hussein Obama. It transcends the political partisan bickering in Washington, as the evil controlling American politics and the transnationalist power elites has no party affiliation as its only god is that of the New World Order and total control over this nation and the world.

What is coming soon may very well represent the true reasons there has been a purge of Saudi princes and the gaining of access to not only hundreds of billions in assets, but also, and more importantly, the bank and personal records of all of the financial dealings of these princes, all of whom were deeply embedded with the CIA/Bush and Clinton crime families.

President Trump was recently given the  highest honor of any visitor to China in history, he was invited to dine in the Forbidden City. This does not happen by chance.

He was honored in  Saudi Arabia by participating in the deeply significant and also very unique event, the all male sword dance; an ancient tribal dance given prior to war, not dissimilar to the war dances of the Native American Indians.

The HVT’s ( high-value targets) in Las Vegas were most likely the gathering of the participants in the soon to unfold coup and purge in Saudi Arabia, including Prince MBS who were in Las Vegas likely finalizing their plans, plans that the CIA Deep State Cabal desperately wished to squash. The deaths at the concert were simply collateral damage as there were many gunfights all over the city that night, particularly at the Tropicana Hotel where film evidence of armed non-American military personnel with guns raised captured this event. As Tucker Carlson, the only mainstream media spokesperson that has braved the Cabal’s death squads has presented evidence of a helicopter at the mass murder scene ( all of which has been widely broadcast by independent journalists on YouTube.) The absolute shut down of the other major media outlets of further discussion on the Las Vegas events (and there were many that night) is not surprising, even though it was the most heinous mass murder in modern American history. It is not surprising because the entire narrative presented by the CIA/FBI rogue Cabal has completely fallen apart. It is a total lie. A lie that they seem unable to cover up.

The recent article in the CIA’s main media mouthpiece, the New York Times ( the Washington Post being next in line) concerning the NSA held cryptic messages to the revolutionary factions within the NSA and other agencies and military organizations to back off. The Deep State former head of the CIA, a totally corrupt tool of the Cabal and someone deeply connected to the now-deposed Saudi regime, Brennan and the former Directors of National Intelligence are desperately trying to undermine the President with their constant appearances on the CIA controlled media, their all too obvious campaign has reached a fever pitch as the entire Deep State system is under attack, domestically as well as internationally. There is a sea change of historic significance. A 250-year cycle of revolution is about to overwhelm the entire corrupted architecture of the ruling power elites, the powers that were.

It bears to remember as well that these same nefarious, Bush/Clinton/Obama criminals tried to have the current head of the NSA, Admiral Michael Rogers, removed from office; the reasons were bullshit, as the truth was that they did not control him, he was too honest and would likely stand with the Constitution and the President.

Everything is connected in one of the most complex and dangerous networks of events and it is a global unfolding. There is a war going on, not just against the American people and the Constitutionally elected President but within the covert agencies and the halls of Congress, as well as, the global spider web of the corrupt globalist, One World Cabal and those who have had enough.

The Satanic pedophile, human trafficking, illegal organ harvesting and drug cartels of the ruling globalist power elites may be about to be shattered. We can only pray this is so. There are more good people than evil. It is time to take our world back from evil before it is too late.

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