State of Defense 2016–War is Coming, War is the Life Blood of the Nation

War is coming. It will be masked and manipulated with the propaganda of the State blaring full blast through the subservient, servile American and western media. It will be the direct result of American imperial policies and the need for increased defense spending to provide an unassailable revenue maxresdefault (5)stream to the already bulging coffers of the wealth elites and the political class seeking to gain access to this club. It will be in support of the neocon ideology, which is, despite the total smoke screens of our supposedly democratic political party system the accepted dogma of democrats and republicans alike. It will be masked, as it has always been, in the fight to bring democracy and peace to the world. It will be a complete lie.

It’s logic is nothing more than that we will seek to destroy the world in order to save the world, but only a world that succumbs to the rule of the transnational fascist elites and the corporations they own and run and the world state they have desired since 1776. No, not the Declaration of Independence, but the formal formation of Weishaupt’s Illuminati, whose stated goals are so very much alive in the current administration and those of the elite powers behind the thrones of all major western governments. If you doubt this as and label it absurd, insane conspiracy theory, then you have never remotely scratched the surface of the reality you have been programed to believe is truth and fact. It is not. It is not remotely close to truth.

Defense One Overview:  

Army Navy Air Force Marines Can you feel the strain? The Army wants more troops. The Air Force wants more money and newer planes. The Navy wants more ships and is battling over what to do with the fleet it has. And the Marines — well the Corps isn’t sure what comes next, but they’re staying in the fight.

-State of Defense 2016