Stop Watching The Propaganda on the Elections–which are a fraud! Spend the Time to Watch This!

This video is long, by the attention span standards of we, the brainwashed masses and gnats, but you owe it to yourself and your children to watch it in its entirety. Can you become a critical thinker? Can you break out of the state and elite produced propaganda bubble?

modern_propaganda_poster_12Most likely not, for most of America has been so deeply indoctrinated into a belief system that is a total fraud, a con produced, directed and ultimately ended by an elite that we have been publicly warned about over generations by many of our nation’s most prominent leaders, usually when they are either leaving office, near the end of their lives or, as in the case of some, with full knowledge that their statements of truth will lead to their death.

I have read many, many books and articles and researched most of the topics raised in this video and I have not seen anything as powerful and accurate. We live within a giant lie, manipulated and enslaved. Our elections are controlled outlets to give us a sense of freedom and democracy. This comforting sense is fabricated to direct our civic energies to pointless outlets so we will not revolt.

I warn you all now, once again, in brevity; as I just don’t seem to have the patience of a real writer and there already exists a significant amount of information available to support my claims, if you have the willpower to reveal to yourself the truth, that this year, the year 2016 is the start of the end. Not necessarily the end of the world, but the world as we knew it or thought we did.

download (88)The end of what? All of our freedoms except licentiousness. The plug is being consciously pulled on the absurdity of the financial casino propped up by central banks who absolutely know what the end game of policies implemented by financiers for financiers will be and that have allowed accumulations of power and wealth in a few transantionalists hands. Hands that will now use their powers to crush all opposition.

Do not trust our government or mainstream media–most say they do not, but the memes and false belief systems that the propaganda outlets feed us all are still the most powerful forces outside of the indoctrination facilities called our national education system.

Left or right, conservative or progressive, the media allows for all of us to believe that we truly have freedom of choice and intellectual association, but they all are simply ideological adaptations of one core system–the elitist agenda of the transnationalist state and world order. When war comes they all sing the same tune.

War is coming. All of the preliminary signs are budding in the narratives of the election and the press. What is needed now is only the final catalyst of persuasion. Something big on the terror front is the obvious tried and proven method of fanning America’s war fever. There is zero reason to not continue what has consistently worked to raise this nation’s jingoistic war blood cries since Fort Sumter was fired upon, as anticipated and desired by President Lincoln.

Now is the time to voice your anti-war sentiments. Not one ounce of American blood should be shed to remove Assad from power or to restructure the Middle East and box in Putin’s Russia. The regimes we support in the Gulf are as, or more, repressive than Assad’s Syria. And ever since Putin pushed back against the Anglo-Saxon assault on Russia’s economic and business sovereignty America and our NATO vassals have done all in their power to destroy him, So far, to no avail short of war. 

Get out of financial assets, certainly equities. Get liquid, sell properties except those where you can live with your families and hopefully be relatively self-sufficient.

Own physical gold.

Watch this excellent video, even if you already know all of the truths that are divulged. 

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government 

Source: Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government – YouTube