I am sure you have already seen this, but it is so wonderful it is worth watching again! Woman Thrown Off Plane For Berating Trump Supporter

I would have guessed Cambridge or Concord Mass, but Seattle is even better. What a caricature of the mental disease that has infected the progressive, liberal class. And what a wonderful ending–the clapping the this brainless woman’s response of giving the planeload of  real Americans the finger. 

Brainwashing of Humans is Easy and Very Effective

Brainwashing is not new. It goes back to the dawn of civilization. Adam and Eve were both brainwashed by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. They succumbed very easily. They believed a lie that conflicted with the truth previously given to them. Such is the nature of humans.

People can come to accept ridiculous policies, practices, and teachings by brainwashing techniques which are so effective that the person denies he has been brainwashed. People who have been brainwashed never know it themselves. That is why the mental disorder is called brainwashing. Humans are easily taught to believe something that can quickly be proven to be absolutely false. After having been given the truth, the mind of the brainwashed person typically locks up in denial. Brainwashing can extend to groups of people without a limit in size or scope. Millions of people were brainwashed to believe Communism was the best economic system until the fall of the Soviet Union exposed the truth. Parents of brainwashed children have engaged reprogramming experts in an attempt to rescue their children. This method can work to some extent with children, but rescue becomes extremely difficult when the oppressed is an adult who is protected by law from outside rescuers. The adult can live his entire life without coming to the knowledge that he was brainwashed.

The ease with which a person becomes brainwashed is not a matter of intelligence or IQ. A scam artist can seduce Ph. D. professors at about the same rate as garbage collectors. It is more a matter of wisdom, knowing truth from error. Some garbage collectors have a lot of wisdom. In fact, the human mind seems to prefer brainwashing lies over truth by a wide margin. People like a “sales job” which they readily accept from profit-motivated salesmen. People are this way worldwide but especially so in all English-speaking countries. Most people literally open their minds most easily to salesmen who tell them the most far-out, nutty, illogical, stupid nonsense. Most people tense-up, turn-off, and flee from sound, truthful information as presented on this website.

People are brainwashed because of their psychological arrogance. Some people are so arrogant, self-centered, and proud that whatever they believe is automatically assumed to be correct. They make no effort to dig out the truth. These people literally brainwash themselves. 

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