Should we synthesise a human genome?

Ours has become a largely reactive culture. We are disinclined to anticipate disaster, let alone prepare for it. We wait for bad things to happen and then we assign blame.

===Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath (Koppel, Ted)

europeanexoskeletonThis daily roller coaster of scandals and crises, as well as the multiple threats facing the nation during (and often because of) Obama’s presidency, would be daunting enough. But add to them a pervasive and wantonly perverse culture that celebrates mindless narcissism and wild sexuality while openly mocking God, morality, and the overarching transcendent sacredness of life that preserved our national soul in previous eras. The result is that Americans today are being affected by political and moral chaos in unprecedented and transformative ways.

==The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture (Kupelian, David)

There should be no doubt that a licentious civilization devoid of moral and ethical restraints and a government based on hypocrisy, lies and the raw pursuit of power and control, both domestically and globally, when combined with scientificism, progressivism and the pervasive humanist philosophy will lead to egregious abuses of the emergent technologies described below.

andy_miah_book_2In future years, the prognostications of Orwell, Burgess and Huxley, produced in the form of the dystopian novel, will be viewed with more awe and reverence than, the far less accurate, Nostradamus. That is if there are still genetically sentient people that have not yet had such inconvenient literature burned on the pyre of tyranny and Orwellian historical revisionism. 

To create a human genome from scratch would be an enormous moral gesture whose consequences should not be framed initially on the advice of lawyers and regulators alone.

The perspectives of others including self-identified theologians, philosophers, and ethicists from a variety of traditions should be sought out from the very beginning.

Critical voices representing civil society, who have long been sceptical of synthetic biology’s claims, should also be included.

The creation of new human life is one of the last human-associated processes that has not yet been industrialised or fully commodified. It remains an act of faith, joy, and hope.

Discussions to synthesise, for the first time, a human genome should not occur in closed rooms.

Should we synthesise a human genome

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