Teaching Communism In Public Schools


Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, passed a Resolution on April 19, 2016 that ought to be called ‘How to brainwash 49,000 students and force teachers to teach communism’.

The objectives laid out in this Resolution are startling, revealing and directly aligned with the Green movement’s national plan, now underway, to politically indoctrinate America’s children.

The Portland Public Schools (PPS) Resolution No. 5272 is a “Resolution to Develop an Implementation Plan for Climate Literacy”. This Resolution gained national attention for banning books that question the validity of global warming claims. The Resolution states:

“PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

5_07_1Banning books is only the tip of this political iceberg. This Resolution is designed to 1) silence teachers, students and parents that do not share the PPS view on climate-change, 2) diminish the value of free thought and, 3) pave the way for environmental groups to politically indoctrinate 49,000 children (Oregon’s future voters).

Key goals outlined in the Portland Resolution include:

• redefine our economies and call for an end to the fossil fuel era
• develop and implement curriculum that addresses climate change and climate justice in all Portland Public Schools (pre-K through 12th grade)
• all students should see themselves as activists and leaders for social justice and environmental justice

Green Communism

Source: Holly Swanson — Teaching Communism In Public Schools