Technocracy Will Rise Out Of The Ashes Of Western Civilization-WAKE UP AMERICA

The new world order of social justice and comradeship, the rational and classless state, is no wild idealistic dream, but a logical extrapolation from the whole course of evolution, having no less authority than that behind it, and therefore of all faiths the most rational.

—Joseph Needham, Time: the Refreshing River, 1943

The old order passes from view; the new world is rising upon our vision. The world can never again be as it has been. The house has collapsed, and its structure is discredited.

The creation of an international mind with a world conscience and a world patriotism; the loyalties of men to one national group must expand into a larger loyalty to all mankind.

==The New World Order, Batten, Samuel Zane, 1919

The argument of this lecture is that, after about 150 years of secular decline, barbarism has been on the increase for most of the twentieth century. In this respect I understand “barbarism” to mean two things. First, the disruption and breakdown of the system of rules and moral behavior by which all societies regulate the relations among their members and, to a lesser extent, between their members and those of other societies.

Second, I mean, more specifically, the reverse of what we may call the project of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, namely, the establishment of a universal system of such rules and standards of moral behavior, embodied in the institution of states dedicated to the rational progress of humanity.

==Totalitarianism, Globalization, Colonialism: The Destruction of Civilization since 1914 (Redner, Harry)

The incredulous open-border policy being practiced in Europe is the same policy being exercised in the United States. Not only is our southern border with Mexico virtually wide-open for anyone to sneak into our country illegally, but Obama’s Executive Branch cabal is importing tens of thousands of immigrants from countries in the mideast that are known terrorist hotspots.

In Europe’s case, it can no longer turn back. It’s too late and too much damage has already been done. It’s time to say, at least mentally, “Goodbye Europe, it was nice knowing you.”

Just a few years ago, Europe was a wonderful place to visit, vacation in and do business with. What changed?

For starters, the global elite that took credit for the creation of the European Union in the first place have now decided to throw the whole morass under the bus. Hear the crunching sound!

It was Trilateral Commission co-founder David Rockefeller himself who said in 1998,

“Back in the early Seventies, the hope for a more united EUROPE was already full-blown – thanks in many ways to the individual energies previously spent by so many of the Trilateral Commission’s earliest members.” (Rockefeller, In the Beginning – The Trilateral Commission at 25, 1998, p.11.)

Rockefeller was being modest. In 2002, it was Trilateral Commission member Vallery d’Estaing who actually authored the EU’s constitution when he was President of the Convention on the Future of Europe.

Technocracy Will Rise Out Of The Ashes Of Western Civilization

Source: Technocracy Will Rise Out Of The Ashes Of Western Civilization