Ted Cruz Is Not as Holy as He Professes?

Ted Cruz is a fraud wrapped in neo-con flames and drowned in Holy Water. As I have said many, many times; there is no one without sin in Washington as with all of us, but the knowledge of those sins, reposited in the security state, is the most valuable of assets held in the hands of the ruling power elites. Knowledge is power, and power is corrupt.

Political insiders and operatives on Twitter are buzzing about new rumors concerning Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). This news comes just after the 12th Republican debate which was hosted on CNN, and days before key primaries in Florida and Ohio.

The Stop Trump PAC has been hinting at a major news bombshell for days. But apparently, the supposed news has less to do about Trump than it does about Cruz!

The buzz focuses on Cruz and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson. Pierson is a former consultant for Cruz’s United States Senate campaign and is now the national spokeswoman for businessman Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which makes this a particularly uncomfortable situation.

Source: BREAKING: A Ted Cruz SEX SCANDAL Appears To Be Looming?

His close advisor and Presidential campaign manager, Chad Sweet, is about as tainted as they come and likely a criminal conspirator on the withholding of information showing the serious dangers of the body scanning devices his partner at the Chertoff group, Alan Chertoff, invested in and promoted on Capitol Hill. Of, course with a deep CIA and Wall Street portfolio, the extent of his criminality is very likely far broader.

Now there is a rumor, of course, yet unsubstantiated that Cruz is also a philanderer.  

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Chairman Profited from TSA Nude Body Scanners by Lions of Liberty by John Odermatt, originally published at Lions of Liberty Politico ran an article last week profiling the key players behind Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.

Right at the top of the list was Chad Sweet, the campaign chairman.Sweet has a long and diverse career in security and investment banking. He was the Director of Operations for the CIA from 1990 – 1993. He then moved on to Wall Street where he was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley from 1994-1996 and a Vice President at Goldman Sachs from 1996 – 2006. Sweet then returned to government work serving as the Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security from 2007 to 2009.

During his time at DHS Mr. Sweet helped Department Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff manage one of the largest federal agencies.Like what you’re reading? Keep Voices of Liberty.com going by contributing to the cause of freedom. Sweet’s name might not be recognizable, but he has ties to some serious cronies in the investment banking and security sector. Sweet’s most controversial dealings occurred during his time at The Chertoff Group, a group co-founded by Sweet and Chertoff.

Source: Ted Cruz’s Campaign Chairman Profited from TSA Nude Body Scanners