Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive |Planned Against the Citizens

Most people still think in terms of nation-states – a virtuous concept cynically administered by a pathologically meddlesome, promiscuous government spokesmen like a daily dose of vitamins or anti-depressants. I think in terms of money, innovation and technology that money can buy.

The collapse of the world’s financial system is here, and with it, a crisis of proportions unseen in the annals of human history.

Humanity, throughout history, has faced genocides, atrocities, poverty and starvation. One thing is for certain though, in the end, good has always triumphed – until now. In this new era, technology, like never before, is destined to play a decisive role. Behind this realignment, enormous streams of capital are being expended and – more importantly – invested behind the scenes.

The people controlling this money are not about to see their control dissipate as the nation-states vanish. Money makes its own rules. It is all about control … of everything on the planet. It no longer matters who runs which Western country. The powerful men behind the curtain (secret societies, the elite, London, Wall Street and other financial interests) will remove anyone not to their liking, or bad for their business. Business is money, and money makes its own rules. Totality of rule is not the only parameter of totalitarianism.

Prominent eugenicist Julian Huxley stepped up and offered a solution. He simply invented a new word to replace eugenics. That term being, transhumanism, which he defined as: A need for mankind to realize the importance of steering the direction of its own evolution.

After the war, Sir Julian Huxley changed the name of the program for enforced birth control, zero economic growth, the technology of mass mind control, and continued to apply the principles which created Nazi Germany’s mass genocide against the “racially unfit.”

In 1946, Huxley announced that: Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.

==TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (Estulin, Daniel)

We are approaching the point at which the only effective scale for operations of any importance will be the global scale. The local states ought to be deprived of their sovereignty and subordinated to the sovereignty of a global world government. I think the world state will still need an armed police [and the] world government will have to command sufficient force to be able to impose peace. 

==Arnold Toynbee 

Criminal conspiracy is defined as an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime or to perpetrate an illegal act. Conspiracies are defined as a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal;the act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal.

Has it always been true that the majority of intellectuals, educators, political and religious leaders so adamantly believed that the idea of secretive groups of elites could or would covertly pursue ends that were either harmful or illegal and likely both?

The answer is so patently obvious that it is a testament to the success of the conspirators  that they have so thoroughly destroyed America’s ability to think independently, that in today’s world the only conspiracies allowed to exist in the mainstream mind are those pertaining to traditional criminal organizations such as the Mafia.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of a world dominated by conspiracies at odds with the well-being of the people, in business and government, the idea designated as a four letter swear word by the CIA following the publication of the Warren Commission’s report is belittled around the Western World. It was not always so.

Besides the very realistic, but all too unfocused belief by the majority of the American people that the entire American government has become a giant criminal conspiracy, the elites have been extraordinarily effective at keeping the idea of elite or government conspiracies from becoming specific or pervasive. There are many, many conspiracies embedded within the bloated, rotting flesh of the uncontrolled Leviathan that has become this nation’s government.

But what is true here, is true in Europe. The threat of civil wars, massive civil unrest and bloodshed resulting from the planned, perfectly elite engineered invasion of the uncivilized, violent islamic herds is more than real, it is unfolding now.

Is it a surprise to anyone in this country, at least of those who have even a smidgen of independent thought left in their minds, that the American mainstream media has shown so little interest in the collapse of European civilization and the disgusting response of the EU leadership to the unleashing of beastial behavior from the Islamic diaspora?

I, for one, am not. For what has been designed  to cause chaos, violence and dissension in Europe is planned for America. If we let it. It is all out of the transnationalist, One World Order playbook.

The technocratic, secular humanist elites in Germany and Brussels knew what was coming with the destruction of Libya and the Qatari, Saudi and American backed Sunni revolt against Assad and Shiite Baghdad. It was a welcomed part of the plan, an ingested virus that would inevitably result in an immune response from the dwindling power of nationalists and those who cling to the cultural sanctity of European civilization.

Please read the attached piece “Tet:Two”, it does a terrific job at explaining much of what is going on over the pond. However, where I disagree is with the conclusion that European and global elites will be willing to succumb to the authoritarian dictatorship of Islam.

It has been my belief for a number of years, transcending the current invasion of overwhelming masses of Islamic hordes forced to leave their countries from the direct results of actions of America, NATO and the European leadership, that the final phase of this upheaval will be a police state tyranny surpassing Hitlers in Europe leading ultimately to the destruction of Islam in Europe, if not around the world.

The final global order will be based on secular humanist principles, transnational capitalist morality and cultural Marxist and socialist-fascist architectures. At least this is what is the goal. 

What is unfolding in Europe and America in 2016 is a battle of far greater magnitude than most can fathom, for it is a fight over the soul of western civilization, freedom, personal liberty and the rule of law. It is a battle that those who still care about these issues cannot afford to lose.      

As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet.

So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism.

Excellent Piece and a must read—!!!

Tet Take Two: Islams 2016 European Offensive

BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Wednesday to stick to her open-door refugee policy, defying criticism at home and abroad which has intensified due to growing fears about a potential security risk after the Islamist attacks in Paris.Conservative Merkel faces splits in her right-left coalition and pressure from EU states, including France, over her insistence that Germany can cope with up to 1 million migrants this year and that Europe must accept quotas to take them in.

Defiant Merkel vows to stand by refugee policy despite security fears

This is what der Führer Angela Merkel has invited to her country. She should be hanged for this on treason charges. Germany is now ‘officially’ a WAR ZONE in the center of Europe. In this recent video, a massive mob of Muslim migrants surround a car, then pull a German woman and her child from the car. They then beat the woman and her child with sticks on the side of the road. 

This new migration comes at a time of profound weakness of European culture. If one thing has united Europe in the past, it was a common Christian heritage. Small minorities were sometimes tolerated, although clearly not always, as the Jews can attest. But Christianity did provide a set of values and a common approach to the past that was useful in bridging national cultures.But today’s Europe is experiencing something close to a collapse of religiosity, with church attendance rates among the lowest on Earth. In the Czech Republic, for example, it is widely claimed that more people believe in UFOs than in God.

Overall, Europe is rapidly becoming “post-Christian,” inserting in its place a religion of good intentions. This could well, as the saying goes, lead to a hellish outcome.

Wave of migrants will give Europe an extreme makeover