The Big Lie – We Have Willingly Been Led to Our Slaughter

left-or-right-illusion-only-tyranny-or-freedom1Not all tyrannies come about through big government. The most obvious exceptions are external invasions and military coups. In these cases, one need not ask why the tyrant chose to take over because a tyrant always seeks to expand his control. It is more important to investigate how to prevent invasion by foreign tyrants and forestall internal coups by potential tyrants. A free society with a small government is more likely to resist tyranny because people already living under a big government controlling many aspects of their lives will be less resistant to a new one that is only slightly more controlling. Additionally, control over a large government with its vast amounts of wealth and power is very alluring to a tyrant, whereas potential tyrants are less interested in controlling a small and decentralized government. Therefore, the best way to prevent invasion and coup is to maintain a small and decentralized government with a strong defense, a well-armed population, and the courage to defend one’s rights and liberty.

While free societies often descend into tyranny because of the choices they make, the people never actually choose tyranny. Instead, demagogues and ideologues promising freedom, equality, and wealth lead them to it. Today, politicians promise the right to high quality education, the right to free or affordable health care and housing, and many more so-called rights. These are not genuine rights. They are benefits at the expense of others. The rights to private property, free speech, and freedom of religion are true rights because they have no cost.”

==The Path to Tyranny: A History of Free Society’s Descent into Tyranny (Michael E. Newton)

“This is not a battle over material goods. It’s a moral crisis, the greatest the world has ever faced and the last. Our age is the climax of centuries of evil. We must put an end to it, once and for all, or perish—we, the men of the mind. It was our own guilt. We produced the wealth of the world-but we let our enemies write its moral code.”  —John Galt

More than two thousand years ago, the Greek historian Polybius warned that “democracy in its turn is abolished and changes into a rule of force and violence” as the people grow more “accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others.” Can this nation survive what is likely to be its most severe economic crisis?

Not likely.

America faces a destructive crisis of far wider and more inclusive socioeconomic stratum’s than any before it, particularly as we are more fragmented; socially, politically, demographically, and racially than in past periods of serious socioeconomic stress. Moreover, if almost 50% of America’s adult citizens believe that their government, accepted as democratically elected and representative of a balance of interests, poses an immediate threat to their freedoms and rights as American citizens, how can we assume that we will find sufficient confidence to rebound as a Nation?  

Can this country re-engage its essential myths; in essence can we maintain the facade of a just society and an open dynamic democracy enough to keep a cover on what may become a boiling cauldron of discontent? Unfortunately, I do not think so. I would posit, as well, that the vast majority of those polled by the Gallup organization have no idea (ignorance is apparently not necessarily bliss) how far we have traveled down the path towards a police state, a kind of soft totalitarianism, and how perilously real their gut feelings of the threats posed by this government truly are. Ethical, moral and legal relativism allows government unfettered freedom to disregard the rule of law, but it is the lack of objective civic passion on the part of the American people that consents to it; the lie is accepted as truth, war is humanitarian intervention and individual rights are subordinate to the National Security State.

facebook_-483138171The American political elite and the financial/corporate powers that sustain them, along with the intelligence and security apparatchiks that supports them both, have made impressive, almost quantum leaps towards creating a new form of totalitarianism more along the lines of a Huxlian state rather than an Orwellian one. Rather than iron clad boots on the ground and Big Brother on the screen keeping American’s in line, we have a population induced into passivity, perhaps even imbecility, by corporate media and the ubiquitous face on the covers of People Magazine and the totally imbecilic brain-dead youthful stars of YouTube .

Nevertheless, America’s accepted prison is a new and powerful combination of these two prophetic dystopian visions.  The national security state, with its untold intelligence minions and blatant supporting lies accepted as truth, has melded with an anesthetized, complacent entertainment culture.  How far we have traveled in a century, from the publication of “Success among Nations” which I have quoted below; for we have buried the chief God of America now and perhaps forever, as faith in our unlimited future has turned to fear and trust has become a memory. How flammable this nation will become, ready to spontaneously combust due to the genocide of one simple and unifying belief that is no more; the once ubiquitous and formerly irrepressible confidence of the American people in economic progress for all citizens and a deep trust that our government would always support the rights and freedoms that had made this possible.

The Americans are filled with such an implicit and absolute confidence in their Union and in their future success that any remark other than laudatory is inacceptable to the majority of them. We have had many opportunities of hearing public speakers in America cast doubts upon the very existence of God and of Providence, question the historic nature or veracity of the whole fabric of Christianity; but never has it been our fortune to catch the slightest whisper of doubt, the slightest want of faith, in the chief God of America–unlimited belief in the future of America.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 —– Emil Reich, Success among the Nations, (1904)

The Big Lie– Andrew P. Napolitano

While the Western world was watching and grieving over the slaughter in Paris last week, and my colleagues in the media were fomenting a meaningless debate about whether President Obama should have gone to Paris to participate in a televised parade, the feds took advantage of that diversion to reveal even more incursions into our liberties than we had known about.

We already knew that the NSA, our 60,000 domestic spies, has captured and retained the contents of nearly all emails, text messages, telephone calls, bank statements, utility bills and credit card bills of all Americans since 2009. We already knew that Obama has used CIA drones to kill Americans overseas and claims that he somehow can do so legally and secretly notwithstanding the express prohibitions in the Constitution.

We already knew that President George W. Bush authorized the illegal torture of a hundred-plus people, about 20 percent by “mistake,” and now we know that because he refuses to prosecute the torturers, Obama is as culpable for the torture as Bush is.

Last week, however, the Department of Justice revealed that since the 1990s, the Drug Enforcement Administration, whose job is to interdict controlled dangerous substances before they enter our borders and to do so consistent with the Constitution, has been monitoring the phone calls of selected Americans. Prior to 2001, the DEA intimidated, coerced and bribed telecom providers into making their telephone lines available to its agents. Since 2001, it has no doubt taken advantage of the provisions of the so-called Patriot Act that permit federal agents to write their own search warrants to custodians of records, in direct contravention of the Constitution, which requires warrants from judges.

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