The Clock of Freedom is Winding Down

cropped-ITS-NOT-FASCISM-WHEN-WE-DO-IT1-e1447717161941The love of power is natural, it is insatiable; it is whetted, not cloyed, by possession.  ==Viscount Bolingbroke

When the pot boils, the scum will rise. ==Theognis

Concentration of power always precedes the destruction of human liberty. ==Woodrow Wilson

Democracy cannot thrive without a certain diet of truth. It cannot survive if the degree of truth in current circulation falls below a minimal level.

A democratic regime, founded on the free determination of important choices made by a majority, condemns itself to death if most of the citizens who have to choose between various options make their decisions in ignorance of reality, blinded by passions or misled by fleeting impressions.     ==Jean-François Revel

Information has become a form of garbage, not only incapable of answering the most fundamental human questions but barely useful in providing coherent direction to the solution of even mundane problems.                ==Neil Postman

Thomas Sowell, the columnist recently has called the “anointed,” the caretakers of the “prevailing vision” that is rarely “confronted with demands for empirical evidence.”

Most of us today are still prone to believe things to be true, not because we have any logically defensible reasons for believing so, but because it is easier and more psychically gratifying than performing the hard work of reason that makes a belief well founded.

Rather than believing what we know to be true based on sure evidence, we believe what we desire to be true, or what makes us feel secure by making the world a meaningful place, or what advances some appetitive aim, or especially what gratifies our secret psychodramas, those private operettas in which we are the heroes unjustly hounded by a vast and shadowy conspiracy of spiteful disbelievers in our excellence. And so we are vulnerable to con-men of various stripes, “subtler divisors”  who can manipulate our ignorance and insecurities to peddle their own brands of intellectual snake oil.

Such a tyranny, Tocqueville writes, unlike the violent despots of the past “would be more extensive and more mild, it would degrade men without tormenting him.” Egalitarianism, license, and atomistic individualism would contribute to this degradation of “an innumerable multitude of men, all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives. Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of the rest … he exists only in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.”

Such a people will submit to being governed by “an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate,” a power “absolute, minute, regular provident, and mild,” and one that, like our federal regulatory regime, “covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate.”

“to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?”

Under this regime, the machinery of representative government will not avail to call the citizens back to autonomy and self-rule: “It is indeed difficult to conceive how men who have entirely given up the habit of self-government should succeed in making a proper choice of those by whom they are to be governed; and no one will ever believe that a liberal, wise, and energetic government can spring from the suffrages of a subservient people.”

==Democracy’s Dangers & Discontents: The Tyranny of the Majority from the Greeks to Obama  (Thornton, Bruce S.)

To be corrupted by totalitarianism one does not have to live in a totalitarian country.                                                                                                        ==George Orwell

51Y-pZsMUGL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Believe nothing the mainstream media feeds you, believe nothing our government says beyond the minor domestic issues. Do not buy the canard’s and simplified memes that infect our discourse. We swim in a rapidly moving river of lies, fabrications and hidden intents.

President Obama is an annoyingly narcissistic, destructive animal, but he is not as foolish and incompetent as his antagonists and the facts as presented make him out to be. This delusion gives us hope that simply going to the election booth will change the direction of American policy, foreign or domestic. This hope sucks out any revolutionary breath. This hope is totally misplaced, as it is intended.

Listen to this video below, this guy nails it. I have mentioned in previous posts that the entire “refugee” crisis in Europe is not remotely an unexpected outcome of the West’s attack on Assad and indirectly Russia. Though, I must admit that the whole Russia is the enemy meme is, for me, increasingly one that appears manufactured to mask hidden Machiavellian intentions of One World transnational elites that do indeed also exist in Russia, as they ubiquitously do in the Anglo-American world order. 

The refugee crisis was intended to do exactly what it is doing, wreak havoc, chaos and dissention within Europe. And, if they can, these same elites, through their puppet Obama, intend to do the same here in America.

Every route that is being taken by those seeking to “escapethe turmoil in the Middle East, a human carnage that is entirely to be blamed on the actions of the Anglo-American alliance and NATO, is the same as it has been for many years, even for centuries. We have computer models that can try and predict the most complex chaotic dynamic systems in the world, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we have simulations that predicted the effects of our Middle East carnage to the very points of entry of the millions that have become displaced. This is well planned chaos, have no doubts.

Mankind has been moving through great stages of evolution. The first stage was the primitive stage, revolving around religion. Back yonder, men believed that their destiny was in God’s hands. This was a narrowness derived from massive ignorance and illiteracy. The ideal is rational humanism on an international scale. The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by the traditional values.

==Between Two Ages,  Zbigniew Brzezinski —( Exec. Director Trilateral Commission, self—professed Marxist/Communist, Nat. Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, Special Advisor to five U.S. Presidents and educator of the current President.)

A small cadre of obscure international bureaucrats are hard at work devising a system of “global governance” that is slowly gaining control over ordinary Americans’ lives. Maurice Strong, a 68-year-old Canadian, is the “indispensable man” at the center of this creeping UN power grab.                               ==National Review magazine in September 1997

The idea that the destruction of Syria, the rise of ISIS and the subsequent terrorist attacks in Paris are the direct result of the Assad regime’s “assault on the Syrian people”, a phrase that just came out of our transnationalist puppet President’s mouth at his press conference in Turkey, is simply an extraordinary lie. Does Obama place the deaths of 700,000 Americans during the civil war at the feet of Abraham Lincoln for suppressing what was, in essence, a rebellion (in reality, more like an assertion of the Constitutional rights of the States to secede from the Union) purely for economic and political reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with the elimination of slavery?

Is it America’s right to interfere in a sovereign, formerly stable states internal affairs as they attempt to suppress what was, in essence nothing more than an externally sponsored sectarian Sunni rebellion, that was fueled and fanned by Qatari and Gulf Sunni capital first and foremost to remove a regime opposed to the Qatari natural gas pipeline to Europe, a decision supported, for obvious reasons by Russia?  The idea that there was even the remotest tear of humanitarian considerations in the American decision that Assad had to go and to do this we would support the rebellion, no matter who was the recipient of that support, is an absurd brainwashed notion that has never been supported in any humanitarian military intervention in America’s past, ever.

The American led subterfuge in Libya, which was nothing more than a convenient mechanism to process Libyan military hardware and rebels to those seeking to the overthrow of Assad by arming, without direct US transfer, the Islamist Sunnis that now are the Islamic State, resulted in the death of thousands, the abject misery of millions and the destruction of a stable, increasingly friendly nation while turning it into a source of radicalized Islamic terror. All as intended.. failed states become “our” states.

Not for a minute do I believe that the numerous events of chaos and human destruction of the last few years in the Middle East, the Gulf and North Africa are simply the result of natural societal evolutionary processes or the bumbling incompetence of the current idiot on the Iron Throne in the Oval Office. Nothing is controlled perfectly, not by any means, but even if there is a real devil, his powers are not without limitations, so to the uncontrolled nature of the forces that America and the transnationalist elites have uncorked in the Middle East. However, the direction of the chaos is nudged and coerced towards the ultimate goals of the powers that rule most of our world.The end game is nothing more than power, global control and the wealth that comes with it. As it has been for ever, and so it will always be.

Secular Humanism and the global world order occultism of Gaia, global warming, multiculturalism, humanitarianism, politically correct egalitarianism and the infantilism of the current cultural diseases infecting American college campuses are all meme viruses that are genetically designed to destroy their host civilization and culture. Designed to destroy the binding social constructs of nation, religion and common moral, ethical and historical reference points and thereby wreak chaos upon the world. A chaos whose void will be filled by the all-encompassing and controlling transnational State.

This State will not allow competing ideologies, religions or the civic and tight knit unifying strings of community, ethnicity or cultural heritage. The Ummah of the Muslims will, of necessity, also be destroyed as Christianity is being crushed today. This is inevitable, despite the rhetoric of fear mongering that pervades western media. The nation will be absorbed into the globalists state. Religious desires and human longings for community and the absolute will be replaced with new state sponsored forms requiring sacrifices by the masses to the ends desired by the elites.

This is where we are headed if we do not push back hard and do so now. I fear that as more and more intelligence digs deeper beneath the layers of falsity, lies and elite serving myth, the closer we are to the end game. The internet and alternative media sources have been waking up the complacent and the brainwashed and speaking truth to power and as a result, a system that cannot allow itself to be revealed, must attempt to move to further consolidate control. The criminality of the power elites in government and the board rooms of the transnational corporations cannot be allowed to become undeniable. As each layer of propaganda induced illusion is being peeled back, the grotesque monster we have allowed to grow, without questioning its veracity, becomes more and more dangerous.

Expect over the coming year:

  • More terrorist attacks of even greater damage and ferocity than the recent Parisian carnage and war sabers rattling in Washington and other capitals, if not outright war. But as with all wars in the industrial and modern era, the war or wars unleashed on the world over the coming year or two will only enrich the power elites at the expense of the death of millions. Males are biologically expendable, as they are in many animal species. The progeny of the elites, however will not be sacrificed
  • Economic and financial market collapse is inevitable. Common assumptions are that these events will be delayed with all the remaining fictitious arrows in the central bankers quivers, but it is even more probable that the chaos of collapse, along with war, will allow the power elites to push through their remaining agendas and make sure that the chosen corrupt are placed in any newly vacant seats or remain in power.
  • Thus, I expect the socioeconomic turbulence of financial markets collapsing around the globe to happen well before the 2016 American Presidential elections.
  • The corrupt must maintain a figurehead as controlled, perhaps even more so, than that which is now in place. Better yet, someone at least equally corrupt as those pulling the strings, perhaps more so, must sit in the Oval Office.
  • Who, but an experienced world “leader” and politician can this be, but She-Who-Must-Be Obeyed? An honest, true citizen, a Constitutional abiding American will never be allowed to become President, no matter what it takes. No matter what it takes.
  • We are perilously close to a systemic change in America and in the world order, not just in the underlying reality hidden from our eyes, but in every visible, accepted framework that has supported even the increasingly delusional sense of any freedoms we have left.
  • The surveillance state, despite judicial protests, will not stand down–it never will, not until the people revolt against the powers that support it and those that it protects.
  • Tyranny is no longer creeping upon us, it is galloping headlong and time is short.

Stopping terrorism is not the real agenda. In fact, the opposite: the West’s terrorist armies are key assets used to infiltrate and destabilize, to topple the regimes that NATO seeks to co-opt, invade and conquer. One by one they fall in this manner, from Iraq and Libya to what is unfolding now in Syria, towards the even greater agenda.

The “war on the Islamic State” is not even about the Islamic State, no matter what horrific acts are committed by the ISIS/ISIL killers themselves. The war is, and has always been, a superpower world war pitting the West against Russia and China, everywhere Western geostrategic /resource and corporate interests dictate.

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Suffer from the terrorism, the disintegration of your culture, your community and your nation until you can take it no more. When you cry out, “enough”, “enough”, we, the State, will provide the solution, but beware of that which you wish for it will come at a price, your slavery.

Mostly likely, there will be more such moments. The hard fact is that we live in an age of systemic disorder. As we might have learned from New York, Madrid, London and Mumbai there is no hiding place from upheavals elsewhere. In much of the Middle East the state system bequeathed a century ago by Europe’s departing imperial powers has broken down. In this part of the world, terrible shootings and bombings such as those in Paris have become almost a commonplace. Globalisation, identity politics and technology have provided the transmission mechanisms to spread the terror across borders and continents.

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International Man of Mystery: Who Is Maurice Strong?

The concept of global governance has been fermenting for some time. In 1991, the Club of Rome (of which Strong is, of course, a member) issued a report called The First Global Revolution, which asserted that current problems “are essentially global and cannot be solved through individual country initiatives [which] gives a greatly enhanced importance to the United Nations and other international systems.”

Also in 1991 Strong claimed that the Earth Summit, of which he was Secretary General, would play an important role in “reforming and strengthening the United Nations as the centerpiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance.” In 1995, in Our Global Neighborhood, the CGG agreed: “It is our firm conclusion that the United Nations must continue to play a central role in global governance.”

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Police sources said authorities conducted at least 110 house searches in cities around France. The French PM said terrorism could hit again in “in days or weeks to come” and said the attacks in Paris, which killed 129 people, were “planned in Syria.” How he knows that, and how a complicated operation involving numerous concurrent strikes in Paris could have been planned in Syria is unclear, or even remotely logical, but what matters is to, once again, keep the media and public attention focused on the Syria – after all that’s where the war will begin.

Perhaps preempting the question how the NSA and Europe’s sterling intelligence – which collects all the private information except that which is actually needed to avert tragic loss of life – failed so massively in preventing this terrorist attack, Valls said French intelligence services had prevented several attacks since the summer and police knew other attacks were being prepared in France as well as in the rest of Europe.”We know that operations were being prepared and are still being prepared, not only against France but other European countries too.”But If you knew, why did you not stop them then?

Perhaps some questions are better left unasked.

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