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Last week Sweden hunted down what was widely believed to be a Russian submarine in its waters, and Estonia accused Russia of once again violating its airspace. These incidents are just two in a long list of Russian actions designed to coerce its neighbors through intimidation, creating increased tension throughout the region. In acknowledging old-school geopolitics, the United States and NATO must use lessons from the Cold War to check Russian aggression and instill resolve into the alliance. 

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images (41)Of course, American led NATO placing increased troops, B-2 bombers in the UK and F-16’s in Poland and terrorising the Ukraine into the embrace of the EU and ultimately NATO membership is not provocative? Working with the Saudi’s to push the price of oil down below $80/barrel in order to destroy the energy revenues of Russia before what is expected to be a very cold winter in Europe, while doing everything we can to undermine the Russian economy and Putin in every way possible is simply a gesture of our admiration and friendship towards a nation not yet subservient to the needs of the American Empire?

I am a patriotic American, a deep believer in the founding principles of this nation. However, many patriots are somehow immune to rational thought when it comes to the supposed threats our government has created or inflamed for its own hidden purposes. Purposes that belie the myths of America’s international democratic and humanitarian goals.

Central American Victims Lying on RoadsideThere are evil nations, there are evil religious states and there are, I am coming to believe, deeply evil and dangerous religions. Unfortunately, America has become, over many years of empire building, one of them. You think a few beheadings is outrageous and that the Islamic pigs are inhuman, but where were you when America’s mercenaries cut of the heads of Indian villagers in Nicaragua and in other Latin states, placed them on the dinning tables in front of the headless corpses so that others would get “the message”? This, of course, after the innocents were tortured and mutilated while alive.

The problem, even if by using some warped logic, in thinking these behaviors are justified offshore when they are committed for some glorious purpose of the American state, is that inevitably the same behaviors arrive home. Like the threat of infection from returning veterans of the Ebola Wars, returning veterans of torture, of death, murder and civilian destruction both within the military and perhaps even more invasive, the decision making civilians on the front of the empire, can and have infected this nation with a general loss of empathy and humanity.

All States are intrinsically destructive. All States evolve towards evil. But empires, empires do so with a rapacious and accelerating accumulation, no matter how pure they once wished to be. Then they implode and wither away. The American Empire will not die quietly. Like a wounded, defensive animal protecting its territory the American government has become dangerous, as much to its citizens as to the rest of the world.

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A little history lesson is always worth your time, history is never what you are taught by the state and its sycophantic propagandists. Be patriotic for the right causes, for the right reasons. Do not be manipulated,  your mind controled by the most sophisticated brainwashing system ever held by such a powerful government.