The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ | Rahm Finds it a Smidgen Troubling–To America, it is not even that.

 “Sometimes it happens that the most insane thought, the most impossible conception, will become so fixed in one’s head that at length one believes the thought or the conception to be reality. Moreover, if with the thought or the conception there is combined a strong, a passionate, desire, one will come to look upon the said thought or conception as something fated, inevitable, and foreordained—something bound to happen. Whether by this there is connoted something in the nature of a combination of presentiments, or a great effort of will, or a self-annulment of one’s true expectations, and so on, I do not know;

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Gambler

My insanity is simple then, as my insane thoughts are that America is about to implode in socioeconomic flames or, at best, a controlled implosion under the boot heels of a totalitarian police state. Either one, has been planned and expected as the final necessary process of destroying the last true remaining freedoms of the American people. Loosely planned by generations of like minded people, no matter how diverse and seemingly ideologically conflicted, as if under an evolutionary gestalt, or and not unfathomable by any means, a more sinister cabal of generations of powerful elites seeking total control over humanities destiny. Does it matter if the end result is the same, our virtual slavery to an impregnable phalanx of power and wealth? Socialism, Fascist Crony Capitalism, Communism all become sinister authoritarian systems designed for one end, the protection of no more than 1% of a population. 

I am insane because I see corruption permeating every pore of this nation’s political system, an insanity further enhanced by the inured citizenry accepting this as the new normal.

I am insane because I have watched the greatest con game in the history of the world played out over the past six years of the American bull market in financial assets, which was nothing more than the final gasp of a massively over-leveraged and dysfunctional fascistic, crony-capitalist system that the elite powers behind the American Empire successfully coerced upon the rest of the world. By force of arms and empire, persuasion or example matters little, the intent was the same and Anglo-Saxon, American style credit finance capitalism is now set to take down the entire world economy. The initial geographic center of the global revulsion and socioeconomic collapse matters little for it will become globally engulfing, but the puppet-masters reside on Wall and Fleet Streets and within the corridors of Washington where the minions of the hidden state crawl. 

Insane because I have never believed the myths of American Exceptionalism, except for the bright, all to brief instance of the nation’s birth. What is so exceptional about white settlers behaving as if they were Muslims from ISIS only a 120 years ago bashing in the heads of babies, raping any woman that breathed and slaughtering almost every man, woman and child of the 300 innocents of the Shoshone tribe camped at Bear River, what was subsequently called Wounded Knee. Oh, but that was so long ago and our American civilization has progressed so far! And we have been magically genetically modified, leaping over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, so that  we are now an “exceptional” people–ones that could never torture or steal the rights of the majority to feed the greed of the few.

A people, that were and of course still are, superior to the normal, average German citizen who, swept up in the National Socialist propaganda machinery under the able leadership of Goebbels, whose prize possession was the book “Propaganda” written by the American founder of modern mind control, Edward Bernays, committed atrocities that, we the victors expounded upon until it was obvious we were the higher, enlightened beings. The exceptional Americans. But of course never discussed in our history books is the fact that at least half a million to as many as a million innocent Germans, repatriated after the War, we Americans allowed to starve to death or die of disease in cattle cars as if they were the murders of the Jews.  No, the American people are imbued with the grace of God to be blessed with exceptional characters and protected when needed by an exceptional, unique political system under the rule of immutable laws of restraint such that Americans could never become as evil as the SS-Sturmbannführer. Not us, not ever.

I am insane to think otherwise.  We are rapildy losing all of the last vestiges of our civilizations empathy, not only to the “others” outside our national borders, but to our neighbors and our fellow citizens. This is the well known self-destructive infection of all empires. We allow torture in foreign lands and torture at home, and there is no outrage. In fact, there is not even mention in most mainstream media of the many, many instances of such here at home over the years. A cultures sense of empathy once destroyed is difficult to regain and it will never be so a part of our still crumbling civilization until the vast majority of our own population suffers under the indignities that we seem to allow to befall a limited few today. A limited few that is becoming a larger few every damn day.

I am insane because the American media has become so obviously corrupt, because they know most of America is past the point of caring. We have become lobotomized, mind controlled Zombies–the intent of a system of control built up over generations.

I am insane because I expected outrage that is only a whimper of what would have occurred only a few generations ago.

I am insane because I have little hope, at least until the pain of what lies ahead gives birth to a new American beginning out of the ashes and detritus of what we have become. 

Ordo Ab Chao’ – order out of chaos

When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away.

If enough of us do it, we give the world away and that is precisely what we have been doing throughout known human history. This is why the few have always controlled the masses. The only difference today is that the few are now manipulating the entire planet because of the globalisation of business, banking and communications.

The foundation of that control has always been the same: keep the people in ignorance, fear and at war with themselves. Divide, rule and conquer while keeping the most important knowledge to yourself. Those who have used these methods to control humanity for thousands of years are members of the same force and following a long term Agenda which is now reaching a major point on its journey. Whenever a hidden agenda is about to be implemented there is always the period when the hidden has to break the surface for the final push into physical reality.

The global fascist state is upon us.

===The Biggest Secret: The book that will change the World (Icke, David)

Troubling? Troubling–or perhaps this is part of the unfolding crisis that the fascist socialist Mayor of Chicago and all of his ideological party members have been waiting for?  

Homan Square allegations ‘troubling’, says Rahm Emanuel’s challenger for mayor | US news | The Guardian

In his first public remarks about the secretive Chicago police warehouse, exposed by the Guardian two weeks ago, the Cook County commissioner, Jesús “Chuy” García, described an ongoing effort to establish what hundreds of protesters have called for: an independent investigation from city hall.

“I did some checking through staff about the assertions made in that article,” García said in an interview with Windy City Times, the local LGBT newspaper. “We spoke with some experts in the field and we continue to investigate.”

“They’re troubling,” García said of allegations by arrestees who detailed to the Guardian off-the-books police interrogation and abuse, “and we continue to investigate”.

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via Homan Square allegations ‘troubling’, says Rahm Emanuel’s challenger for mayor | US news | The Guardian.

How Chicago police used pot to disappear young people at Homan Square | US news | The Guardian

The story of Marc Freeman’s disappearance inside Chicago’s Homan Square police warehouse on a marijuana offense last year exists between the lines of his arrest report – as his time in custody was not logged on the books until he surfaced at a police station seven hours after his arrest.

At 3.35pm on 22 October 2014, Chicago police arrested Freeman for possession of about two pounds of marijuana. From there, the police report states, Freeman was “transported to Homan for further processing”. The report specifies nothing about Freeman’s time at the secretive compound save for a seeming arrival at 4.10pm, only to note that he arrived in nearby district 11 lockup at 10.32pm.

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

During the intervening hours, Freeman was lost to the outside world – denied, by police, any phone calls, attorney visits or a record of where he was. Shackled inside Homan Square, Freeman told the Guardian, as have 10 others, he was neither booked nor otherwise processed at a facility some have likened to the domestic equivalent of a CIA ‘black site’.

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via How Chicago police used pot to disappear young people at Homan Square | US news | The Guardian.

Washington Territory The peaceful Shoshone camp was attacked at dawn by Colonel Patrick Edward O’Connor and his militia from Salt Lake City, UT. The Bear River camp was in Washington Territory. Not even a part of the territory O’Connor was sent to watch and protect pony express riders and telegraph lines. O’Connor also brought howitzers, but the snows were to deep. It was this bit of luck that allowed a few Shoshone to escape. Only a very few did escape. 55,000 bullets were used to kill a sleepy camp of about 300. A two year old survivor, son of Chief Sagwitch had seven bullets pass through and into his little body. The Shoshone tried desperately to live in peace with the white settlers. They never posed a great threat like the Comanche and Apache. It seems the more peaceful the tribe, the more bloody the massacre. Bullies always pick on the peaceful. Chief Washakie led his people to the Wind River. It was a place to keep his people safe from the encroaching settlers. These mountains were not suitable for farming. He was a great chief, but only the warrior chiefs of the Lakota, Apache, and Comanche are remembered. This massacre also took place during the Civil War. The massacre was conducted not by trained military, but violent and most times drunken militia. Like Sand Creek, the militia broke the arms and legs of women so they couldn’t fight back while they were raped. Bayonets cut open the wombs of pregnant women and pulled out the fetus. Some of the militia wrapped the fetus around their hats as war trophies. After the women were raped the militia men split their skulls open with hatchets. Babies and Toddlers were grabbed and their heads bashed against trees. Chief Bear Hunter was beaten, kicked, stripped and whipped bloody. When he did not cry out in pain or anguish to his tormenters, a soldier heated his bayonet and ran it through Bear Hunter’s ears. O’Connor then let his men pillage anything that was left to take. Anything the militia could not steal and plunder was put to the torch including the last of food staples for any survivors. The handful of survivors lived because some of the Mormons did feel guilt. They sheltered them and fed them until the Shoshone could make their way to other camps, including Washakie’s haven in the Wind River.