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In the Wall Street Journal in 1993, David Rockefeller said of NAFTA: “Everything is in place – after 500 years – to build a true ‘new world’ in the Western Hemisphere.”  Why is that we do not accept the their words at face value? Because we just do not want to believe them.
==Truth Is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces behind Global Destruction (James Perloff)

The West is venting its moral outrage again. Like the Dragon in St. George’s legend, it cannot rest until the objects of its wrath are devoured. Its leadership, propelled by the indignant fumes of self-righteous toxicity, is attaining new stratospheric heights of rectitude even as I write. These are reporting back that Russia remains Global Enemy No 1 and we should all believe them because they said so!

On terra firma below is an ongoing genocide they sparked off in Syria and Iraq, as well as civil wars (Libya) and Islamic militancy (global) nurtured from the heydays of the Afghan Mujahideen to the recent “Arab Spring.” It took a military coup to restore order in Egypt – an act that did not go down well amongst the merchants of “freedom and democracy.” A placard seen during last year’s anti-establishment protests in Egypt said it all: “Obama: Your bitch is our dictator.”

Since the 2013 military takeover, the bitch has been kennelled and Egypt has returned to normalcy. Murderous assaults on Christians and other minorities have dipped considerably, perhaps to the chagrin of Washington’s power-brokers.

It is a geopolitical truism that whatever the United States touches turns into a bloodbath. Call this the Midas Touch from Hell. Just about every major military intervention since 1953 – the end of the Korean War –resulted not in the flowering of democracy, but rather in the cancer of tyranny and socio-economic regression. Its anti-Serbian bombing campaign two decades ago has now predictably spawned a Jihad Made in Kosovo.

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This Bloomberg article is one of the most absurd, jingoistic pieces of war mongering bull yet, but one which will likely seem tame before the media and the West’s global Creel Commission of propagandists and mind controlling agents has completed its God forsaken tasks on the American sheeple.

The West faces a dilemma now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated his willingness to win at any cost in Ukraine: pogo_enemy_usDoes it, too, go all in, or does it admit Putin’s de-facto sovereignty over Russia’s post-Soviet neighbors? Both options are unpalatable, and the right answer depends on whether Putin plans to go beyond subjugating Ukraine.

“Arm Ukraine or surrender,” is the way commentator Ben Judah formulated the Western world’s dilemma in the New York Times. “American and British special forces should be dispatched to plant the flag and protect the airports of Kiev and Odessa,” he wrote, warning that the alternative is “a surrender, too, for NATO, for Europe and liberal democracy, and for American global leadership.”

Making that argument requires certainty that, after clawing back Ukraine, Putin will want to do the same to the Baltic states, and perhaps even to the former Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact satellites. Judah thinks Ukraine is not his final stop. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly warned his European colleagues against “repeating the errors of 1938 in Munich,” referring to a pact the U.K. and France made with Hitler, allowing him to carve up Czechoslovakia.

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