The Final Battle Is Upon Us: The Western Elite’s Reach for a Global Fascist Tyranny ( and a likely devastating war) or Freedom–Is It too Late?

1440194218185 Ordo Ab Chao’ – order out of chaos

These words, from Freemasonry to physics, are indeed significant; for they are true. From the chaos of the first instant that time and space existed came the order of the universe and in all things animate and inanimate this universal law applies, even if the final order is total entropic stillness.  After a long absence of almost a month, let me just say that the month of September, 2015 will go down in the history books as the true date in which the war for the world entered its final and, most likely, destructive phase.

Out of the planned chaos of these times will arise either a civilization best described as a uniform, dissipated energy sapped and delusional “One World Government” dystopia, ruled by an unassailable transnational power elite or a new, sustainable dynamic order, based on the sanctity of all individuals, self-ordered freedom and small decentralized communities. The next few months and years will be called, with the luxury and distance of hindsight and time, the years of Chaos; no matter who wins the battle to reshape the void from an extraordinarily well executed generational plan to create a One World Government and New Socioeconomic Order.  

I do not say this phrase lightly, for until the past few years of deeper and deeper research and voluminous reading, I have moved from the mainstream Wall Street, Gordon Gekko junior master of the universe, Reagan republican who scoffed at such ideas to agnostic and finally to total conviction. I find the idea that the astounding rapidity of America’s, in fact the entire “Western” world’s, moral, ethical, cultural, political and economic collapse into the dark abyss of chaos could possibly occur just by randomness, chance or the result of individual or organizational stupidity completely unacceptable, if not downright irrational. It is as absurd to me as some might find the idea that much of what is transpiring contains substantial conscious, well-anticipated processes of planned chaos. Planned for the purpose of domination.

Power seeks to accumulate more power, as wealth is never satiated, so it too seeks more wealth. Both human drives, enhanced by the egoistic self-aggrandizement that accompanies them, will seek to expand until they cannot and protect every piece of ground gained in their pursuit for generations. The masters of our fates are not the visible players on the world stage, at least in the “West”.

Fighting phantoms is not an easy task, but there are massive amounts of evidence as to who some of these players were in the past and are today, for many have been brazen enough to state their goals and methods in books and other documents, knowing, unfortunately rightfully, that the vast masses, even the brightest among us, will not give their words the attention they deserve. So true, as well, for many of our political leaders in America and England, who in their last days in office, intended final days or not, gave fair warning to the hidden realities of the powers that really guide our two nations and much of the world.

As with the believers in “free” markets, which we have not had in America since the early decades of this nation’s existence, the hidden hands of power and wealth need not rely on one or two puppet masters, but the collective will of like-minded elites guided through the ages by selective association. Significant events and trends do not just appear out of the quantum vacuum, they are the results of the guidance of elites in all the spheres of their overwhelming influence.

To take this one step further to the belief that, as with all group behavior, leadership always emerges and that as such the idea that a smaller grouping of like-minded, powerful by wealth, intellect or social status, individuals that comprise the elite of the elites, those with the proverbial “rings of power”, are not the ultimate manipulators of our designed, propaganda encased false reality should not be much of a leap of faith.

In fact, the idea that every support for the continuance of western democratic and cultural traditions, the freedoms that are essential to their survival and practically every other cornerstone of  our civilization all would implode so elegantly almost as if in a synchronous dance, is more preposterous than coming to an understanding that many of the destructive trends that are tearing it all apart are the result of a powerful elites vision of how the world should be.

Those that embrace the transnational wealth and power elites core socioeconomic precepts, those of the controlling inner circle, spread their venomous power over recalcitrant peoples, not only through the mightiest military in the world, but by the most effective, insidious and penetrating propaganda machinery that has ever existed; that has likely ever been even dreamed of by the most dystopian of our 20th century novelists (Huxley and Orwell were deeply embedded in the elites ideology and machinations as propagandists, so it is not surprising that their once considered fanciful futures have become so closely aligned with that which our civilization is currently struggling to escape from and unfortunately, failing)

The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today is not some social phenomenon or the result of something abstract or sociological that just “happened”. The chaos and social degradation that permeates every corner of what is left of “western” civilization and those that now suffer under the planned chaos of western military interventions and their aftereffects is not random, it is not all chance and it is certainly not the most obvious redoubt of most observers, due to stupidity, policy induced near-sightedness or ignorance.

For the most part, all that is and has unfolded for many years, but seems now to be coming to a boil, is and has been very much-anticipated by a core group of supposedly superior beings. It is astounding to witness the actual fulfillment of intents, designs and goals in the words of those luminaries of the inner sanctum written or transcribed generations ago. And yet, so little resistance.

Think about the complexity of the models of human and social behavior that are available to all long-range planners in every country in the west, but most definitely so in America and Britain. Do you honestly, truly believe that the chaos and total lawlessness that has become Libya was not an outcome that was anticipated, or at the very, least given a high probability?

That mass migration into Europe would not be more than an unpleasant possibility? Of course, unpleasant but for the very few at the top of the power pyramid that are grateful for the accelerated effect this has on destroying the remaining sense of national character, proud indigenous traits and the cohesion of common cultures, whose destruction enhances the expansion and permanence of their power. 

Besides the blatant, criminal lies that took us into Iraq to force a “regime change”, the conscious, bordering on absurd, decision of a State Department bureaucrat, given almost unlimited free rein in that war-torn country, to disband the military, the police forces and other agents of social control in a hotbed of sectarian blood lust, was just a simple mistake made from American arrogance and social naiveté? No one in the government nor the vast array of elite sponsored and occupied think-tanks could possibly have anticipated the anarchy that would ensue? Bullshit.

After Saddam came chaos, because American leadership is so ignorant of the possible outcome? Because they bought into the same propaganda they had fed the American people about shedding the blood of American youth for the democratization of a nation simply by the removal of a relatively mild tyrant? Again, bullshit!

The same propaganda themes are used over and over and have been since Woodrow Wilson, who, with well executed deliberation and planning pushed America into the first world war; “saving the world for democracy”, as both George Bush’s chorused to the tune of the death of millions. Removing the incubator baby killer of Kuwait, the “butcher of Baghdad” or the baby bayoneting Kaiser, the “Beast of Berlin”, all with the same propaganda methods developed by the likes of Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann the two propaganda masters who came to the US to ply their trade, but who were both birthed in London’s Wellington House, the precursor of the too little known Tavistock Institute, whose One World government messaging and covert guidance was carried on by their progeny in the CFR, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, Carnegie “Institute for (elite ruled) Peace”, The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group and all the corporate conspiracies designed to amass elite wealth and to denude Americans and practically all of humanity of their health, prosperity and freedoms.

In a massively complex and mostly hidden world, the idea that believing in the simplest, easiest explanation for events is the only correct way of thinking, a bastardization of Occam’s Razor, is the meme that has infected the mass of humanity for a reason. The real world is hidden from we mere mortals, the citizens that still believe that we actually are in control, for a reason.

  • A quick note: For those equity investors sighing relief here at the end of the quarter over today’s (30th of Sept.) rebound in the markets; share in the quarter end relief rally of the professionals if you must, but this bear market is just getting started and the process of its unfolding will be far more traumatic, wealth destructive than anything seen in anyone’s lifetime, dead or alive. The world is imploding all around us, markets can not be levitated by any earthly power for ever. What lies ahead demands that every financial action from here on is one designed to protect oneself, family and loved ones from the coming financial, economic and societal deluge.

Storms clouds gathering–always brilliant and now under attack by the major corporate hosting sites, obviously instigated by our fascist government–more on this later.

We can all perceive disintegration of our nations in terms of day to day, personal experiences. However, this is not a coincidence. It is not an accident. What we are witnessing all around us is a planned disintegration of the world economy by the most powerful people in the world.

The moral, material, cultural and intellectual decay that we are witnessing helplessly every day across the globe, is not accidental, not an act of God who is punishing us for our Earthly misdeeds, but a deliberately induced social crisis.

As the result of a frontal assault on our future by the world’s leading social scientists and behaviour engineers, the moorings of national moral purpose collapsed.

To keep the majority in a continual state of inner anxiety works because people are made too busy securing or competing for their own survival to co-operate in mounting an effective response. This too, has Tavistock’s signature all over it.

“In the past decade, the entire population of the globe has been kept permanently off-balance with one financial meltdown and transnational trade fiat after another emptying national coffers and overriding rights of domestic self-determination. Populations have been so overwhelmed by the moving juggernaut of economic and environmental crises that a rule of universal insecurity has rendered social majorities paralysed by a low-intensity terror – the necessary condition for any totalitarian movement to continue its advance, because keeping its subjects perpetually off-balance is its modus operandi.

We are at the crossroads. And the roads we take will now determine whether we will live in the XXI century as nation-state republics or subjugated, culled and dehumanized crop of slaves.

——Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses (Estulin, Daniel)

The Death Star that seeks to destroy the unique cultures, the freedoms, the morality and laws of our dying civilization was not built by Russia, China or the Islamic State, which is a total creation of the Western elite and their enforcers, the United States, Britain and NATO. No ,the Death Star has been built piece by piece over several generations by a small cadre of the inner circle of power and wealth elites of the “West”, principally in the Anglo-American elite think tanks which have been fountains of propaganda and mass brainwashing since the very early 1900’s and the legends of finance on Wall and Lombard streets.

Tell me that there was no modeling of outcomes from the destruction of Libya, Iraq and the now failed, bloody attack on Assad in Syria. In each case, the propaganda machinery of the Anglo-American ruling elites produced the same over used rationales, based on skimpy to no evidence, that fanned the flames of totally misplaced passions and patriotism so that millions would die and the survivors suffer for generations to come. How can anyone believe that the massive migration from the war-torn regions of America’s choosing would not result in the flood of Muslims into Europe?

The purpose of which should be obvious: To destroy the unique cultures of Europe, break the back of any remaining cohesion based on common language, history, laws and mores that binds a State into a Nation, so that the opposition to the accelerating police state and the destruction of all semblances of democracy will be muted into nothingness. The same is also true for America, as it is for Europe.

In both there will be blood spilled in racial, religious and nationalist violence and revolt, exactly what the ruling power elites wish to unfold. The play was written by them for them and we are nothing but the throw away two-bit actors on their stage. 

In order to at least achieve some semblance of freedom one must chisel away at the castings of concrete and steel that we are embedded in from birth by lies, half-truths and false myths propagated by a system designed to keep us off-balance, satiated by trivialities and intelligently designed ultimately to enslave us.

It is very common to look at past empires and their decay for guidance as I have in the past, and though I agree with much of the analogy made of the American empire and that of Rome, there is in my opinion something not simply cyclical nor evolutionary at work in the current path of civilizational decay, but more conscious, perhaps even evil than the blind degeneration that was the fall of Rome.

Though Rome’s decline was in tandem with the rise of a new, universalist religion and the West is also experiencing the rise of a new religion, that of environmentalism, global climate change and zero growth embraced by secular leaders as well as religious, the new religion that is being forced on all of us is one designed for the purposes of control and the enhancement of centralized power and world governance. It has not arisen endogenously. There is a difference between natural dialectical historical processes and cycles and those that are superimposed with malintent from above. The limited comfort that may be derived from this is still significant, for historical certainty would give little room for hope.

I once believed in America. I certainly still believe in the Constitution and the brilliant, but failed intent of the founders to keep in check human insatiability for power, wealth and evil. However, I find it difficult to understand any, but the most deluded and brainwashed, that can rally around the America that we have become. America-England, Brussels and Berlin acting as one, are seeking one goal; power over a people without the willpower, supported by the social cohesion of nationality, shared values, religion and cultural history and norms, to fight the most important battle in world history–freedom or global tyranny. The unchecked narcissism and power elites insatiable hunger for power and dominion, these are the true enemies of humanity now. They have been for far too many years.

We have become the death star. If we, the people, can’t stop “us” –perhaps a more Christian nation that is not subservient to our financial and power elites will, but let’s hope they can do so before the Empire Strikes back.

It does bear to remember the messages of Agenda 21, the United Nations, the voluminous offshoots and the elites that support them, and certainly those that have spoken for the most powerful of our secretive masters, major population reduction is a necessary “evil” to assure the survival of the human race and to preserve an ecosystem that is far more important than we, the destructive humanoid creatures deemed of little consequence, except for the rarefied few. There is certainly one assured way to achieve this sustainability goal very rapidly.

Government corruption by lobbyist to silence the voices of the people, staged war on terror, endless illegal wars of aggression, ongoing false flag operations with crisis actors, out of control police state, creation and arming proxy terrorist armies like ISIS, geoengineering ongoing crimes against humanity and the planet, ongoing GMO poisoning of the human race’s DNA, the list goes on and on of all the issues ‘Pope Francis’ did NOT address in his “historic” visit to the U.S. this week. The rote ceremonies, staged political speeches and propaganda have been ongoing particularly after the Pope’s visit and speech to Congress where he officially endorsed the coming “sustainable” new world order.

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Source: Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order