The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media – -/Whistleblower Thompson’s Call to Congress

NaturalNews) All the disinformation being spread about Ebola by the U.S. government and the complicit mass media will unfortunately make the Ebola pandemic far worse. That’s because the public isn’t being told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how individuals can help prevent transmission of the disease.

At every level of media and government, protecting the financial interests of drug companies appears to be far more important than protecting public health. So people aren’t told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how they can increase their ability to survive a global pandemic.

Here are five of the biggest lies being spread about Ebola right now. Once you’ve reviewed the lies, learn the truth at

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We’re in a race against time,” said Justin Forsyth, the organisation’s chief executive.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme he said that the figure for Sierra Leone could rise to 10 people every hour before the end of the month if urgent action were not taken.

Meanwhile the head of the UN’s mission to combat Ebola warned that the disease was spreading “very rapidly” and that a “massive international response” was required to deal with the crisis.

Anthony Banbury, who is in Liberia, said more needed to be done to educate remote communities about how to protect themselves from infection.

Watch this short video explaining how the virus attacks human cells

O said on Wednesday, and will be expanded to 10 sites in Africa, Europe and North America in the coming weeks.

Episode 8: Dealing with the social panic by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
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Episode 8: Dealing with the social panic
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Summary overview of this episode:

U.S. government buys 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits

Clearly the U.S. government is preparing for a pandemic outbreak to reach U.S. cities

Ebola can easily enter the United States via the unsecured southern border

When governments prepare, the media depicts it as “security.” But when individuals prepare, the media depicts them as whackos

There is a malicious attempt by the mainstream media to make sure people are not prepared for viral pandemics or other disasters

The censorship of natural defenses against viral pandemics by the media is extremely irresponsible and negligent

Scientists have openly called for genetically modified viruses to kill 25% of the world population

Human depopulation has been called for by Bill Gates, Ted Turner and many scientists and globalists

The greatest threat in a pandemic is the response of the panicked masses and the widespread lack of basic preparedness

Many socialist-leaning people accuse preppers of being “selfish” and they will condone the government confiscation of family preparedness supplies in order to “share” the supplies with everyone else (communist style)

Preppers actually REDUCE the burden on emergency responders and play a pivotal role in maintaining peace and order during a crisis

Every person who prepares is one less person who panics in a crisis

Preppers are community leaders who will defend and help rebuild communities

The spectrum of preparedness explained: 3 days = politically acceptable. 3 years = “kook.” The more you prepare, the more the media and government depict you as insane (even though the government has miles and miles of underground bunkers)

The population will panic because they did not prepare

The stages: Denial, then panic, then desperation

In a desperate state, people will do anything to feed or protect their families (including stealing and killing)

A lack of preparedness leads to social chaos

A lack of preparedness is a threat to national security

Basic supplies will quickly be depleted or looted

The “politeness” of society quickly vanishes, replaced by desperation

The politeness of modern society is an act; real human nature is far more selfish and violent

In society today, we all agree to delegate special tasks to specially-trained groups: firefighters, ER doctors and police officers

Police are specialists to whom we have all delegated some responsibility for personal protection, but in a collapse, this responsibility reverts back to us

Expect extreme lawlessness in high population centers

In many cities today, the police can’t protect you even in a time of relative peace

Even when cops have good intentions, they are vastly outnumbered and can’t protect the innocent

How are you going to protect yourself and your supplies?

Police departments around the world have all unanimously chosen one tool for keeping the peace: Firearms

Firearms are used by police to HALT violence and thereby keep the pace.

Why socialism-leaning individuals tend to think that YOUR stuff is THEIR property (i.e. socialism / communism leanings)

Remember there is strength in numbers: plan to gather with family, friends or small groups

Why it’s crucial to talk with your group in advance

via Episode 8: Dealing with the social panic –

The CDC is about as dysfunctional as the Department of Veterans Affairs, but far more dangerously so to All of America!! They are not to be trusted, but what else is new? 

Dr. William Thompson, CDC insider and whistleblower on 13 years of vaccine-autism fraud, appeals to US Congress to take action. YOU SHOULD TOO! Get this link to YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE NOW.