The “Greatest Man of Our Generation” Wants Endless War | American Everyman –We are heading to a global war and there is nothing we can do about it.

What does it say about us as a society when the “greatest man of our generation” is a monster? Have we become Hitler’s willing executioners or something much, much worse?

monsterToday the focus is on President Obama’s request for more endless wars of aggression, stretching across all national, intellectual and moral boundaries. Or, as President Peace Prize himself put it in his new request, “enduring offensive ground combat operations.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that the language in the resolution is “intentionally” fuzzy to ensure there aren’t “overly burdensome constraints” on the president as he responds to unexpected events. TIME

Why hamstring the “greatest man of our generation” with troublesome constraints when he wishes to impose war anywhere and anytime he sees fit? Why indeed. Because he is the “greatest man of this generation” and that is tragically true.

Why constrain a man who uses drones to kill children?

Why constrain a man who uses cruise missiles and cluster bombs to kill 23 children in one strike?

Why constrain a man who uses drones to kill a bride on her way to her wedding?

Why constrain a man who decimated the Paris of Africa on behalf of his billionaire friends?

Why constrain a man who is currently arming terrorists in Syria because he doesn’t like the elected government?

Why constrain a man who is currently working as hard as he can to kill a peace process in Ukraine?

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obama-2A few weeks after returning from 17 days and $4 million worth of Oahu vacation, Michelle sent via Twitter cupid-day affections to her lover who’s golfing in California. It’s President’s Day weekend and Barry is in the drought-stricken desert resort area of Palm Springs. The president is there to putt-putt around a green that requires four times more water per day than the average American golf course. 

Before judging the insensitivity of golfing while ISIS burns 17 Kurds alive in cages, perhaps golfing in Sunnylands is Obama’s cryptic way of commiserating with high heat and parched tongues. On the flip side, if the first lady and her daughters should suddenly show up in Aspen, which is a February tradition, Michelle will merely be commiserating with the frigid Northeast.

Either way, kudos to hubby Obama, who, before hitting the links at the aptly named Rancho Mirage, exercised his usual executive efficiency by ‘squeezing’ in a $10,000 per-person San Francisco fundraiser. In attendance were 60 Democratic Party loyalists who were treated to a generous helping of presidential delusion.

The theme of the president’s pre-golf fundraising comments concerned an area he excels in – “cynical politics.” 

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Welcome to World War Three | KUNSTLER

In case anyone didn’t get ISIL’s message from their latest video in which 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians have their heads sawn off, here it is: “We’re executioners, not warriors.” Those gouts of blood spilled on a Libyan beach amount to ISIL’s welcome mat to the mass execution of the Euro-American west. The dignity of a funeral is not even on the program.

What we’ve got now with apocalyptic Jihadism spreading clear across the region from Pakistan to Morocco, and Europe blandly ignoring it across the Mediterranean, is an epochal face-off that will change the world. It comes at an odd moment in history, namely as the massive oil wealth of the Middle East and North Africa enters decline. It was that oil wealth that provoked a population spike in a desolate corner of the planet the past century. Now there is a huge over-supply of young men there with nothing to do but act out their angry psychodrama over having no future. When a whole peoples’ prospects for a decent life on Earth dwindle to zero, is it any wonder that they become preoccupied with end-times visions of feasts and virgins awaiting in an after-life?

Partly what you’re seeing over there is an internal fight to control what’s left of the treasure. That battle has already had the strange consequence of disabling the oil production capacity in places like Iraq and Libya, where there is still a lot of oil, but not enough political stability to allow the complicated business of extraction and transport to take place. What’s more there has also been tremendous damage to the oil infrastructure in these places, some from deliberate sabotage, some from shelling and bombing, and a lot from sheer neglect and deferred maintenance. Oil refineries and transport terminals are very delicate machines that require constant loving care.

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