The Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation–How Brain Dead Are Leftist Fans of This Criminal

images blood hillYou could smack the ideologically lobotomized elites in the New York Hampton’s with the back side of 500 pound rotting, putrid dead tuna and they still would insist they smell the scent of roses emanating from this evil, disgusting arrogantly above the law bitch of a beast and they, no matter how many times they are smacked to the ground by the truth, will insist this even as their cirrhosis puts them six feet under (more likely in their estates mausoleum). It is one of the most amazing periods of psychological mass cognitive dissonance and herd-social self-induced idiocy ever recorded.  So now, they must believe instead of protecting the Hildabeast, that the FBI is lying and the truth of actually transcripts, of actual missing emails in the many many thousands that she said did not exist, must actually not really exist and are an illusion created by the right wing conspiracy.

You know the folks that have been trying to get this pig even before anyone could care less that she even existed, such as the liberal democrat who fired her for misconduct, lying and other unacceptable actions from the WhiteWater committee back in the mid-1970’s. There is a gaseous miasma of mind numbing stench that follows Hillary wherever she may be, yet the leftist la-de-dahs, many of whom I am afraid I count among my friends, see the glory of her purity and saintliness.

And of course it’s so damn easy to totally forget about the dozen Blackberry’s you had smashed with hammers so you could claim in front of Congress and the American people that you only used on such device!!

Come on you rich, elite coddled social butterflies drinking Veuve Clicquot and attending orgies on the beaches of your summer retreats, wake the fuck up and admit your whole being has been infected with the progressive, liberal idiocy of your self-anointed superior nothingnesses. Try seeking the truth in what most Americans call FACTS.

But, I will make a solid bet with anyone of these privileged ones that they can not even stand to listen to this whole video–they can’t handle the Truth.