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As the American Empire implodes and external chaos erupts, a process that has been underway for some time but only now has become so publicly recognized, all of the forces that drove the regime towards global domination turns inwards. The system cannot lose control over the vast spoils of the repatriated rewards of empire. All opposition must be crushed, quickly and decisively. The internal threats that allowed for the rapid destruction of the people’s freedoms and individual rights will be fanned to a frenzied state of paranoia.

Expect to witness a rise in all of your fears, terrorism, invading Latin American thugs, racial violence all fanned by the government that has been totally submerged within the corporatist system of elites who will never be willing to relinquish their control over the wealth and resources, including your labor, of this once democratic republic known as America. We have arrived at tyranny, but just do not recognize it, for to do so is far to mentally disabling for most of us. But reality will eventually destroy the last vestiges of American’s dreams and supporting myths for the curtain will be pulled back. However, there will be no ruby slippers to allow any of us to return to Kansas anymore.   

This is our last gasp as a democracy. The state’s wholesale intrusion into our lives and obliteration of privacy are now facts. And the challenge to us—one of the final ones, I suspect—is to rise up in outrage and halt this seizure of our rights to liberty and free expression. If we do not do so we will see ourselves become a nation of captives.

Bu9A0J6CYAIR4JqThe public debates about the government’s measures to prevent terrorism, the character assassination of Edward Snowden and his supporters, the assurances by the powerful that no one is abusing the massive collection and storage of our electronic communications miss the point. Any state that has the capacity to monitor all its citizenry, any state that has the ability to snuff out factual public debate through control of information, any state that has the tools to instantly shut down all dissent is totalitarian. Our corporate state may not use this power today. But it will use it if it feels threatened by a population made restive by its corruption, ineptitude and mounting repression. The moment a popular movement arises—and one will arise—that truly confronts our corporate masters, our venal system of total surveillance will be thrust into overdrive.

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