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The infection of moral, ethical and cultural relativism has destroyed even the liberal mind. Admit that there are absolutes, that everything is not relative, that one civilization may, in fact be superior and more “civilized” than others and that all things are not remotely equal, that an individual life is sacrosanct with absolutely no qualifications and perhaps traditional progressive/liberal values may stand a chance of becoming a productive ideology again. Who are we to judge?

We were given the capacity to discern right and wrong to, in essence, judge not only others but ourselves. If we are so untethered to anything beyond ourselves, to only the subjective I, and not to some form of higher power that is eternal, God or Truth, we ultimately drift in the open seas of self-loathing and ennui. Torture becomes acceptable.  

Old cynic that I am, I must admit that even my grizzled jaw dropped as I read these words. “Arguments about the dirty wars and targeted assassination programs alone will go on for generations.” This, again, is from one of our leading liberal lights. She thinks dirty wars — secret incursions into other nations to murder, subvert, wreak havoc, terrorize — are open to debate. She thinks that “targeted assassination programs” — one of which is run directly out of the White House, with regular weekly meetings where Obama and his advisors tick off names of human beings to be killed without warning, without the slightest pretense of judicial process or rule of law — will be argued about for generations. The morality of death squads and dirty wars is something about which serious, concerned citizens can disagree and debate, apparently.( one wonders, perhaps if killing of an unborn child without warning is acceptable to the author?)

Running a death squad — which, among many others, kills American citizens without due process, then, just for the hell of it, murders their children: this doesn’t put a person beyond the pale of acceptable human behavior. Not at all. It’s something we can argue about, sure; but not only is it within the parameters of acceptable behavior, it does not even disqualify you from enthusiastic political support, not even from earnest, peace-loving antiwar liberals like Digby, who fought tooth and nail to keep Obama running his death squads and dirty wars in 2012. (And if he could run for a third term there is no doubt — none whatsoever — that he would have fierce backing of the earnest, peace-loving antiwar liberals like Digby.)

But my poor jaw had not yet done descending. For Digby, astonishingly, goes on to offer one of those arguments for state murder and the Nuremberg-level war crime of carrying out “dirty wars” on the sovereign territory of other nations: “One can, at least, say they represent some form of modern warfare and that the President of a military Empire is always going to be required to deal in such ugly matters.”

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