The New World Disorder | Hanson- The Dog, a horse and a Cart

As usual the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson has written a terrific piece in the National Review bemoaning the destruction of the pre-Obama order of the world maintained primarily by the then United States, supposedly still in its zenith of imperial reach and stature. Unfortunately, of course this is all baloney as if Obama was a total aberration, a uniquely unqualified, narcissistic incompetent elected to the presidency by some fluke of nature and whose ability to change the destiny of the nation was almost unlimited in scope.

First, Obama is, in fact, a uniquely unqualified, narcissistic President, but he is not stupid, nor is the team that surrounds him or the power elites that sit, at various levels, behind his throne. And secondly, America was not and has never been a benign force for good in the world and the enforcement of our version of world order was nothing more than whatever served the interests of the empire, primarily corporate, wrapped for domestic consumption in the myths of American exceptionalism, much to the chagrin of the many nations subjected to our will and to the millions of civilians that lost their lives as a result. Obama is simply the designated hitter in the last innings of the American Fascist Empire, elected by powerful forces that easily swayed the minds of a dull witted and civically detached and historically ignorant, dumbed down population.

What the next phase is to be, remains up to us. Docility and sheepish denial of the looming realities of the inevitable socioeconomic and political disruptions that will accompany the fall of an empire and the internal response of the elites towards a less benign form of what Sheldon Wolin has termed inverted totalitarianism will only lead to the certainty of a period of tyranny as of yet never imagined to be able to exist, let alone thrive, on American soil. 

All empires end, always. The American Empire will not be the exception, nor should it be. There is an inevitability at work here, but one with so many coincidences and connections over generations that it is hard to deny that there is pattern. Doing stupid things does not make one stupid, deception is an art and Washington is filled with the greatest artists the world has ever known. We are being deceived and if the core maxim of the administration and the powers elites that rule remains never letting a good crisis go to waste, what better cover for action is the chaos that is unfolding around the globe?

It is likely that the game plan has been shifted by the seemingly, but unlikely, unanticipated rise of ISIS, though perhaps only in timing not in direction.  With ISIS and the beheading of another American, it as if we were being taunted and goaded to respond more aggressively. For what purpose it is hard to fathom, but it certainly is expected by those doing the taunting that whatever our national response, if it is the most obvious and likely the most expected,  it will not accrue to the long term benefit of the American people. We are being played like the bullfighter and the wounded bull.

The “crisis” in the Ukraine, however, is likely the one we wished to be dominant on the world stage right now, for it is the one that America and its allies have instigated, with billions of dollars already spent within the Ukraine on its execution and with covert operations undertaken over the past several years. If Obama is saving his “planning” for anything, it will be for American coordinated actions in “defense” of the Ukraine against Russian aggression, real and fictional. This is where the game was supposed to be being played, but those damn pesky Islamist radicals got overly feisty earlier than anyone clearly anticipated, at least so it seems.  

Zeno and others of his Stoic ilk in Ancient Greece described the concept of freedom of choice in allegorical terms as like a dog that was tied behind a horse drawn cart, the longer the tether the more freedom the dog had to execute his desires to wander where he wished, but only for a short time, for ultimately the dog had to follow the cart or be dragged and strangled to death. The path of historical inevitability is strewn with strangled dogs. Obama is simply a dog following a cart and the tether is getting very, very short indeed. America is the cart and the path is well worn, for many empires have traveled it before us, perhaps none as powerful and far reaching even in relative terms. The horse, well we shall see soon enough of what it is made and for whom it obeys, for that is inevitable too, Fate, God or Devil?

In just the last five or six years the world has been fundamentally transformed. Instead of the old accustomed Western-inspired postwar global order, crafted and ensured by the United States and its European and Japanese partners, there is now mostly chaos, from Ukraine to Syria to the South China Sea. Or, rather, there may be emerging new rules, given that we are still frozen in a Wild West moment, when everyone in the saloon has drawn his six-shooter, paused, and is wondering what happened to the sheriff — and wondering, too, who will be the first to dare start shooting.

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via The New World Disorder | National Review Online.