The Pope Declares: God Is A Sinner!!! OMG

According to the too much esteemed “Vicar of Christ” who supposedly has a direct conduit to the big guy himself up there somewhere in the heavens, despite the rapaciousness, pederasty, pedophilia, murders, theft, incest, and every other sin of man over the past 2,000 years conducted by Popes in the Holy City, God must be a sinner!! If Global warming and the loss of biodiversity are sins, which His Holiness has just declared, then God is the biggest sinner of all, a far worse sinner than all of humankind since the first Homo Erectus discovered the evils of carbon emitting fire!

_69262495_c0064270-brachiosaurus_dinosaurs,_artwork-splThink about the poor dinosaurs and the Age of Reptiles, I don’t see them parading around God’s earth anymore, do you? Think about the clear mistake of the ice ages that have plagued this globe from time to time in the past billions of years for they not only wiped out much biodiversity they also ended with millions of years of Global Warming which, as we all know now, is one of the greatest of sins. Even in the relatively recent past; for instance the proven period of the Roman warming when the world was considerably warmer than even today’s perilous heat wave or the medieval warming periods, or the Maunder Minimum cold of the  mid-1600’s, because the subsequent warming period was clearly a sin of God.

103047725-GettyImages-186450409.530x298If we place on a scale the destruction of biodiversity and the periods of Global Warming with those belonging to God on one side and those belonging to puny little humankind on the other, how do you think the scales would weigh out?  This is such a crock of crap from the Climate Scientist in the Papacy. The Popes have been in on the game of wealth accumulation and and global control since the start and in modern times for certain, think of the banned Jesuits who helped provide sustenance to the Illuminati and other secret   societies, both Catholic and pagan.

It is all a power play with the Papacy not wanting to lose all relevance in the anti-Christian secular humanist world that our transnationalist, one world government elites have been attempting to impose upon us all for the past several hundred years. Perhaps a melding of a socialist Catholicism with the secular humanists visions for their prefered one world religion of Gaia, environmentalism and anti-growth global warming fanaticism  is the ticket for power, if not relevance, in the new age humanity is being dragged into?

It is all a scam, a hoax and a global fraud. But it may provide some comfort to know that we humanoids, the little insignificant consciousness that gives life to the world are not the worst sinners of all time, for according to Pope Francis, God is.

Pope Francis: Global Warming a ‘Sin,’ Man Can Atone by Recycling and ‘Car-Pooling’

Pope Francis said that human-induced global warming, as well as a loss of biodiversity are “sins” against God, which must be atoned for.

In his message for the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” Thursday, Pope Francis said that human-induced global warming, as well as a loss of biodiversity are “sins” against God, which must be atoned for by planting trees, avoiding the use of plastic and paper and “separating refuse.”

“Global warming continues, due in part to human activity,” Francis said, adding that “2015 was the warmest year on record, and  2016 will likely be warmer still.”

Pope Francis Global Warming a Sin Man Can Atone by Recycling and Car-Pooling

           Source: Pope Francis: Global Warming a ‘Sin,’ Man Can Atone by Recycling and ‘Car-Pooling’

             Pope: World headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement 

With world leaders gathered in Paris to find a solution on climate change, Pope Francis said the stakes could not be any higher. The pope said the human race is on the “limits of suicide.” (Reuters)

Environmental negotiators meeting in Paris should strike a climate change deal to save a world “at the limits of suicide,” Pope Francis said on Monday. “I am not sure, but I can say to you ‘now or never’,” he told a group of reporters aboard the papal plane, en route home from Africa, according to Reuters. “Every year the problems are getting worse. We are at the limits. If I may use a strong word I would say that we are at the limits of suicide.”

The comments come at the start of a United Nations-sponsored environmental summit in Paris, which nearly 150 world leaders are expected to attend.Politicians have generally “done little” to deal with the growing problem, Francis said, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

“I am sure they have the good will to do it. And I wish that it will be so, and I pray for this,” he said.

The urgent call is nothing new for Francis. In June, he laid out the case, in a 192-page paper, for a collaboration between science and religion to combat climate change.

“The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth,” Francis wrote at the time.

On Monday, he cited glacial melt in Greenland and rising sea levels in low-lying countries as specific causes of concern.

Other world leaders have sounded the siren on the issue, too. Speaking at the summit, President Obama on Monday quoted Martin Luther King Jr. in warning that “there is such a thing as being too late.”

                       Source: Pope Francis: The world is near ‘suicide’ on climate change; ‘it’s now or never’ – The Washington Post

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