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There is so little time left for the people of this nation to rise up against the oppression of the fascist, socialist, progressive crony capitalist elites–but we won’t do so and our fate is very likely sealed. A total police state and coercive authoritarian regime is being imposed upon us and we await in a zombified stupor, docile and satiated on the vomit that is the propaganda of State. The great experiment of America the free is close to having it’s books closed by tyranny. Very soon the clock will strike 12 midnight and the real nightmare will begin.    

doomsday-clockPolitical correctness is a methodology and a grammar. It is designed to restrict the prospect of a thought before the thought is even enunciated. Chairman Mao had the idea of “magic words.” Magic words. “Racism” is a magic word. Use it, and people fall apart. People begin to disengage even from their own desire to defend themselves. All of the other “–isms”: sexism, disableism, classism, ageism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, all the others are pale reflections, in other and slightly less crucial areas, of the original one: “racism.” “Racism” is a term developed by Leon Trotsky in an article in the Left oppositionist journal in the Soviet Union in 1926 or 1927. 

All the enemies that we now face are internal. And the biggest enemies that we face are in our own minds. The feeling that we shouldn’t say this, shouldn’t write this, shouldn’t speak this, shouldn’t think this. These are the biggest enemies that we have. We’re too riddled with post-Christian guilt. We’re too riddled with philo-Semitism. We’re too riddled with a sense of failure, funk, and futility in relation to the European, the Classical, and the High Middle Ages past. We’re too defensive. We’re not aggressive and assertive enough as a group.

the idea that the family is a gun in the hands of the bourgeois class, the idea that humor itself is a gun in the hands of the bourgeois class, the idea that there’s something uniquely oppressive about being male, that there’s something uniquely oppressive about being a Caucasian, that there’s something uniquely oppressive about the Western historical destiny—all these ideas have been shorn of their human rights abuses in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and far Eastern Asia, and have been reflected back into the West and onto the West. To the degree that you can’t set up a student group in an American university now—unless you’re under relatively deep cover—to oppose this sort of thing because the ideas themselves are so hegemonic.

The grammar of self-intolerance is what we have imposed and allowed others to impose upon us. Political correctness is a white European grammar, which we’ve been taught, and we’ve stumbled through the early phases of, and yet we’ve learned this grammar and the methodology that lies behind it very well.

we can’t have an incorrect thought now, without a spasm of guilt that associates with it and goes along with it. Every time we think of a self-affirmative statement, it’s undercut immediately by the idea that there’s something wrong, or something queasy, or something quasi-genocidal, or something not quite right, or something morally ill about us if we have that thought.

In 150 years white Americans could be maybe 20% of the population. This is the future that faces you. And your culture will be disprivileged. Forget political correctness. Political correctness works when minorities aggregate together in a vanguard way. It doesn’t work when majorities fall and stagger into minority status and then look around for allies now that they are themselves a minority in the hope that somehow they will achieve fairness and equity.

It is true that the United States is in a radical—and from a European perspective, terminal—decline. Partly because the European empires of the past—British, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, German and elsewhere—can see the writing on the wall.

==Western Civilization Bites Back (Bowden, Jonathan)

Screen_shot_2012-06-25_at_10.08.22_PMEverything is falling into place more rapidly than even I have expected….by the end of this year, markets collapsing, economies collapsing, war, and a visibly accelerating authoritarian tyranny here in the  “homeland”—the future is very, very bleak. What is happening is a giant cluster bomb, so many little, but deadly bomblets going off all around us at once that very few can step back and understand the whole picture—for enclosing the chaos is a plan, a plan to destroy this nation and to enhance the coercive police State, then after WWW lll, the succeeding global bureaucracy to the United Nations will impose its will backed by the Fascist State of America and financed by the most powerful transnational corporations that own it. Natural evolution or conspiracy matters little. We are fucked ( apologies, but this is the best word to express reality) all the same. Just look at the hints, forced vaccines, forced votes, forced insurance, forced multicultural, PC correct thoughts everywhere, including the internet, immigration and the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant –Judeo–Christian ethos and culture, propaganda war machinery cranking, domestic unrest coming and I am sure a few false flags here and elsewhere, and a market that is totamericanpolicestate (1)ally insane and supported by central banks and insiders. The dialectical process at work–chaos and crisis creates the demand for a solution, the solution is imposed and accepted willingly until it is too late and then we all awake to a nightmare! 

This is not all Obama, no President has that power—never has and never will, particularly in foreign affairs. There are machinations unfolding here that are totally hidden from us and likely will be forever…Obama is the accelerant of a process long in the works—he is the icing on the cake, or perhaps in his case, the cherry on the top, but the cake has been baking for a long, long time. And we will be forced to eat it or suffer the consequences–this is the dystopian world “we the people” have allowed ourselves to accept with only a whimper, if even that. 

“Do exactly what I say, and we’ll get along fine. Do not question me or talk back in any way. You do not have the right to object to anything I may say or ask you to do, or ask for clarification if my demands are unclear or contradictory. You must obey me under all circumstances without hesitation, no matter how arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory, or blatantly racist my commands may be. Anything other than immediate perfect servile compliance will be labeled as resisting arrest, and expose you to the possibility of a violent reaction from me. That reaction could cause you severe injury or even death. And I will suffer no consequences. It’s your choice: Comply, or die.”— “‘Comply or Die’ policing must stop,” Daily KOS

Americans as young as 4 years old are being leg shackled, handcuffed, tasered and held at gun point for not being quiet, not being orderly and just being childlike—i.e., not being compliant enough.

Americans as old as 95 are being beaten, shot and killed for questioning an order, hesitating in the face of a directive, and mistaking a policeman crashing through their door for a criminal breaking into their home—i.e., not being submissive enough.

And Americans of every age and skin color are being taught the painful lesson that the only truly compliant, submissive and obedient citizen in a police state is a dead one.

It doesn’t matter where you live—big city or small town—it’s the same scenario being played out over and over again in which government agents, hyped up on their own authority and the power of their uniform, ride roughshod over the rights of the citizenry. In turn, Americans are being brainwashed into believing that anyone who wears a government uniform—soldier, police officer, prison guard—must be obeyed without question.

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Although dated by the monetary fiction of recovery as exemplified by the total self-delusion of financial market euphoria–soon, very soon to turn to the dust of the collapse of the Potemkin Village we have allowed to be built around us. Most of us will suffocate this time. Still a worthy read. 

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