The Shocking Reason the Government Seized this Family’s 7 Children–We are all doomed, the event horizon has been passed and a black hole awaits.

deaths-in-one-year-due-to-drugs-vs-supplements-3You might believe the role of protective services is to protect children from dangerous moms and dads. That they exist to save kids from homes filled with violence, drug use, and abuse.

That’s actually not true.

They exist to enforce gestapo like control on families and to strike fear in the hearts of Americans who try and live their life as they see fit.

Quite recently an anonymous tip came in to child protective service concerning the Stanley family’s use of a non-FDA approved water filter. The tipster sent agents to their house, and after several interactions with them, their children were taken from their custody.

How could this happen?

Read the story written by OneNewsNow to see just how morally bankrupt our nation has become.

KARK4 in Hot Springs Arkansas has reported on the situation:

Some excerpts from the KARK4 report:

A “miracle” mineral treatment alleged to be a remedy for cancer and aids is at the center of an law enforcement search warrant. The investigation ended in the removal of seven children from their home in Garland County.

The family has cried foul, saying only the father has taken it and it’s mostly used for purifying water for their garden. Hal and his wife Michelle were kept outside for hours while officers searched the home with their seven children inside.

They avoid most contact with the government. The parents have homeschooled their nine children, two of which have graduated and gone on to college. The Stanley’s keep to themselves, are generally self-sustained and consider themselves “preppers”.

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