The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1) – must watch.

Woodrow Wilson was reelected with one phrase ” he kept us out of the War” a European war that was soon to be called a World War when Wilson,soon after the election, went to war anyway, having devised the pretext and geared up the Creel Commission to revolutionize the term propaganda forever with images of German “Huns” bayoneting children and other manufactured atrocities. If America had never entered the war, and allowed the ‘allies” to demand an unconditional surrender, it is very, very likely Hitler would never had even a chance to come to power. WWll would not have resulted in the deaths of many, many millions.

If the United States and G.W. Bush  had not created the false excuse to illegally invade Iraq and bomb them to oblivion and poison them with depleted Uranium..the current disgustingly inhumane and degraded Islamic State would not be terrorizing the region and setting the world in motion towards a possible bloody abyss. As with the 20th Century really only dawning with the start of the European war, the 21st Century may be viewed by historians years from now as also starting in a year ending in 14. Its story is going to be long and tortuous. Its ending is unknown.