The White American’s Network Is Just One Percent Black -The Science of Society –Oh No!!! The Crime of Unrepresentative Social Networking!

I can see it know, the fascist government mandating that social networks, though intimately private ( though clearly open to the prying eyes of the NSA and various hackers) be required to become more inclusive and balanced to reflect the nations racial composition. Failure to comply could result in being forced into FEMA camps or worse to have to watch looped tapes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton over and over and over again until the offenders brains are the consistency of the mush that resides between these fine Americans ears already.

24And three-quarters of white Americans report that they haven’t had a meaningful conversation with a single non-white person in the last six months.

American divisions over the state of our country’s race relations were brought to the forefront in the aftermath of Mike Brown’s shooting by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer named Darren Wilson. Black Americans are more than twice as likely as whites or Hispanics to say that the killing was part of a broader pattern. And blacks are twice as likely as whites to say that race played an important role in Wilson’s decision to shoot.

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via The White American’s Network Is Just One Percent Black – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society.