The world is saying No to Scottish separation –

World is saying No?

What world?

The world that you and I occupy or the world that is run by the power elites, the IMF, World Bank, the useless bureaucrats in Brussels and the corporatist fascists that dominate the wealth of the world? The answer is obvious.

round table 2The great thing about democracy is that you can change your mind. It makes space for spasms of anger as well as cool calculation. Throw out the rascals now and you can reconsider next time if the new lot come to disappoint. The referendum on Scottish independence is different. It leaves no room for buyer’s remorse. Once dissolved, the union cannot be recovered.

Travel beyond Britain’s shores and the persistent question you hear is the simplest one. Why? How can one of the world’s most successful multinational states contemplate such a willful act of self-harm?    

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