They’re Baaack!

I said a while back that the Chinese are driven by the knowledge of thousands of years of “climate” change, the kind made by the cycles of the earth, sun and solar system in their billions of years magnetic dance. They are already suffering extreme cold all over their expansive lands. They know of the droughts, floods and cold shortened growing seasons of past Grand Solar Minimums, with far superior records going back well beyond Roman times.

Belt and Road pathways are primarily southern routes and the nation’s investments in Africa, even in arid lands today are brilliant as they know that in past cycles, particularly as deep and long as this one is likely to be, that these lands were fertile and agriculturally productive and will be so again.

Although there appear to be many possible wars zones out there, it all comes down to the war to feed one’s people and who will rule over the scarce food resources of the future; the globalist sociopathic elites who will decide who lives and dies in an organized, progressive way, or the natural process of events where productive, prepared peoples can survive and thrive free and independent without the yoke of tyranny upon their necks.

Chaos is coming, I’ve been saying this for years. If you think we are in the thick of it, give it a few more years until the issue will primarily only be about survival. It is my belief that a free people, operating without the oppressive overlords of a technocratic, progressive fascist elite, who seem to be almost entirely made up of sociopaths and psychopaths, even Satanic murderous pedophiles, will allow a far greater chance for humanities survival, maybe even for a chance of thriving once again as has happened in cycles over the millennia.

Gird yourselves for tougher times, the recent past is not remotely how we shall be living in the future. Let that future not be the dystopian era of an elite global kleptocracy.

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