Think the Southwest’s Drought Is Bad Now? It Could Last A Generation Or More | But, Of course it is not a natural cycle–it must be MAN-MADE!

download (48)In ancient civilizations, just as we do today, mankind’s hubris resulted in every unexplained catastrophe being blamed by the high priests, the diviners of all knowledge and the keepers of the sacred blaming some errant behavior of an individual or of the civilization as a whole for the apparent wrath of the Gods. From ferocious storms to erupting volcanoes and other natural disasters, all seemed to be the result of human frailties. Sound familiar? Anthropomorphic thinking is innate to the human mind, the “I” of Descartes and the consciousness of us all gives birth to this self-imposed burden.

Today, our high priests are the scientists whose objectivity is curtailed by the burdens of government grants and collective peer reviewed admiration, the keepers of the sacred are corrupted by their own propaganda, the messages of the powerful, the elites and most importantly of the State. Humanity, as always, bows down as we watch the ritual sacrifices demanded in order to placate the Gods furry and reduce the risks of what cannot be so simple as the natural cycles of earth, space and time. Our hubris knows no restraints, but for the truth.

Of course, though there is massive evidence of long cycles of droughts in the South West and throughout the world over many, many millenniums, since the first evidences of geological formations, but this drought and its possible progeny must be laid at the feet of the current manto-FISH-FOLSOM-facebookra of the high priests of our land. It has to be because of Global Warming or Global Climate Change or whatever you want to call it today! It has to be from mankind’s misbehavior’s, which of course, only they the Great, the Holy, the keepers of the Sacred along with their financial protectors the global governments, can in one orgiastic act of human sacrifice save the planet from our misdeeds.

Hide your heads in shame you lowly proletariat’s, bow down before your superiors and prepare for your sacrifices for there is no doubt the Megadrought is here and you are all to blame!!!  I have a retort to all of this total bull-crap following this post. 

Late-summer 2014 has brought uncomfortable news for residents of the US Southwest—and I’m not talking about 109-degree heat in population centers like Phoenix.

A new study by Cornell University, the University of Arizona, and the US Geological Survey researchers, looked at the deep-historical record (tree rings, etc.) and the latest climate change models to estimate the likelihood of major droughts in the Southwest over the next century. The results are as soothing as a thick wool sweater on mid-summer desert hike.

The researchers concluded that odds of a decade-long drought are “at least 80 percent.” The chances of a “mega-drought,” one lasting 35 or more years, stands at somewhere between 20 percent and 50 percent, depending on how severe climate change turns out to be. And the prospects for an “unprecedented 50-year megadrought”—one “worse than anything seen during the last 2000 years”­—checks in at a non-trivial 5 percent to 10 percent.

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via Think the Southwest’s Drought Is Bad Now? It Could Last A Generation Or More | Mother Jones.