Throw These Corrupt Toadies In Jail With Hillary! Networks Ignore E-Mail Exposing Large Clinton Foundation Gift from the King of Morocco

giphyCorporate Media must be prosecuted under the RICO laws, for they are shit deep in a conspiracy with the power elites and the Clinton’s to not only steal the November 8th election, but to destroy what is left of American democracy. In fact, is this not actually treason? 

News broke Thursday of a new Clinton campaign e-mail exposed by WikiLeaks that reinforces the persistent notion that the Clinton Foundation is a pay-for-play scheme. And yet the “Big Three” networks ABC, CBS, and NBC pretended like it didn’t even happen. “New scrutiny tonight on the Clinton Foundation coming from what were supposed to be private e-mails,” stated Fox News Anchor Bret Baier on Special Report, moving on to ask, “How much money and how much influence were on the table in dealings involving the Clinton family charity?”

Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry noted that Bill Clinton once received criticism for negotiating a $1 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation, but what Hillary was able to lure out of donor was much greater. “A WikiLeaks e-mail surfaced showing the candidate herself lined up a $12 million commitment from the King Mohammed the VI of Morocco,” Henry reported.

The $12 million revelation was discussed in an e-mail chain between Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, Campaign Manager Robby Mook, and Campaign Chairman, John Podesta. The three were frantic by how shady the donation would look as they approached the date Clinton would announce her candidacy for president, with Abedin spitting, ““She created this mess and she knows it.””

Source:  Nets Ignore E-Mail Exposing Large Clinton Foundation Gift from the King of Morocco