Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes -Must Watch

Basically this empire can only function with our complicity, and it will only fall when we decide that we no longer will allow this government to exist.– Brian Willson

The global crisis of the spirit has to be overcome if humanity is to assert command over its destiny. The point of departure for such self-assertion must be awareness that social life is both objectively and subjectively too complex to be periodically redesigned according to Utopian blueprints.

In a world of fanatical certitudes, morality could be seen as redundant; but in a world of contingency, moral imperatives then become the central, and even the only, source of reassurance. Recognition both of the complexity and the contingency of the human condition thus underlines the political need for shared moral consensus in the increasingly congested and intimate world of the twenty-first century.

–Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the 21st Century (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

The atrocious misadventure known as the `Iran-Contra affair’ was represented in Washington as a domestic embarrassment for the Reagan administration rather than a conspiracy to bleed to death the Nicaraguan government, whose only threat was that of a good example. That countless innocent people were killed or denied the opportunity to free themselves from poverty, disease and illiteracy was never an `issue’. A subsequent ruling by the International Court of justice distinguished the Reagan administration as the only government the court has ever condemned for `terrorism’, calling on it to pay the Nicaraguan government $17 billion in reparations. This was ignored and the matter long forgotten, for it was the slowest news.

–Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire (John Pilger)

464x560xthreat.gif.pagespeed.ic.pNHBtM206xIf you are to risk death for a cause, make it not the cause of the American Fascist Empire. If there be a just cause, it should be to truly protect your freedoms and your inalienable rights, as an American citizen and those of your neighbors and families, but more importantly your God given rights as a human being. If you are willing to peel back the layers of the propaganda and myth that we have all been force-fed by a corrupt, elitist plutocracy, there is a chance we may, one day, free ourselves of the yoke of their dictatorship. What we should be willing to fight for is our liberty and freedom, under a true restrained democracy through a republican form of government of accountability, with states rights returning to the prominence this nations founders intended, and a complete and total dismantling of the Empire, including the coercive police state and the government bureaucracies they serve.

Institutions, Corporations, Governments and their bureaucracies do not have souls. They do not have empathy. They do not feel pain, nor do they have morals, ethics or any religious sentiments–people do. America the empire, is not the reflection of the goodness of it’s citizens hearts, nor a gestalt of all of the people of this nations moral fiber and sense of justice, recognizing that this evolved over time to account for the injustices of prior times. No, America is what our governments have made it. Governments that have been controlled, practically from the inception of the United States out of the Confederation of States, by the power and wealth elites, their insatiable drive to empire and all that accrues from it. We do not have a republic, we do not have democracy, we certainly do not have free markets, nor free market capitalism. We have a crony capitalist empire. All empires end, America will not diverge from this historically determined path. 

The vast majority of Americans still have morals, feel empathy, and have a caring heart. But the American Empire lost its soul long ago. It is time to take this nation back. 

Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes

Since its inception in 1776 and before, the “nascent empire” (George Washington) of the USA has been torturing and killing virtually continuously, around the clock, often taking ears, noses, teeth, skulls, skins, scalps, and people’s virginity as its trophies, in addition to taking, of course, land, forced labor, repressed labor, slave labor, cash, resources, freedom, democracy, and hope.

This extremely well-researched 30 minute documentary represents the microscopic tip of the USA’s iceberg of extremism and depravity:

The people in charge of the USA could not possibly care less about what ISIS does to people.  ISIS is simply the latest in a never-ending series of covers for what US controllers have been doing in the Middle East since about 1948 and worldwide since the inception of the US: getting rich by building, expanding, and maintaining a brutal global empire.

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If there is any remaining power in the people of this country that can be truly, honestly reflected at the voting booths, then every effort must be made to keep this woman from the Presidency. 

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