Totalitarian Schemers and Their Open Borders – LewRockwell

“Those who support multiculturalism .  .  . realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.”

–Frank Ellis

tyranny-quotes-8At the outset of his administration, President Bill Clinton famously declared that “the era of big government is over.”  He then did everything in his power to prove that to be yet another of his slick lies.  At the outset of her administration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a one-time East German “communist youth leader,” famously declared that “multiculturalism has been a failure.”  She then did everything in her power to prove what a Big Lie that was, most notoriously by inviting millions of Third World, Muslim immigrants (mostly young men) into her country, lavishly subsidizing them, giving them sex education lessons, and intimidating, censoring, or threatening to punish critics of her policies.

wake-up-and-smell-tyrannyBarack Obama has followed suit in a somewhat quieter way with non-enforcement of border controls that has allowed millions of Third World peasants to flood the country.  The Republican Party has done nothing to interfere with any of this.  Residents of small towns all throughout rural America are not always happy when thousands of government-subsidized welfare clients from the Third World are dumped in their neighborhoods accompanied by threats from the federal government should they complain about it.

Source: Totalitarian Schemers and Their Open Borders – LewRockwell