Totally Screwed up my site–at least the front page! The god’s have spoken!!

I tried to correct an issue on my website’s front page and totally destroyed the format and have no idea how to fix it! The home page, at least the one that is associated with the site URL, has become a warped, Picassoesque vision. I had been planning on reducing my time and attention, not only to the blog, but to the never ending search for truth and reality that has led me down a very deep rabbit hole–a very depressing hole indeed, at the start of the new year. My mental health requires it, as does the non-existent state of my personal savings. Perhaps, my technical failure was a sign from the big guy to move on.

However, with the Trump victory I am now committed to returning to the world, faults and all, at least to try and do so. I am sure that at some point, when and if I find some help on the mechanics of the site and hopefully after reclaiming even a modest portion, perhaps even just a smidgen, of a rather sizable lost fortune, I will return. Of course, if the world gets really ugly again, which I believe is more than a distinct possibility and far sooner than the jubilation in the equity markets and consumer confidence supports, I will find someone more quickly to help solve my technical problems than now anticipated. I know it is a really simply WordPress solution, likely just a click of a box, but damned if I know which!

I will add a few parting (though I will be sending out more I am sure, however, less frequently) thoughts:

There is only one way to purge the America of the rot, the evil and the deep pervasive corruption that is so much more disgusting and morally reprehensible than most can imagine, and that is for the Trump administration to move aggressively from day one to prosecute every single individual or group, no matter how powerful, wealthy or politically prominent they may be, that has defied American justice, to the full extent of the law. Without the return of the rule of law that includes every citizen of this nation, America is toast. It is more than likely that the truth will turn many a stomach. In fact, I believe that the truth about the corrupt cabal that has ruled this nation for at least the past 40 plus years, and likely all the way back to FDR, will destroy most of the myths of American exceptionalism. So be it. For Americans to retain our remaining freedoms there are no other paths to take.  

For America to regain the path towards exceptionalism laid down by this nation’s founding fathers without a truly transformative catharsis of life threatening systemic proportions, is all but impossible. All democracies die. All empires eventually implode after traversing the life cycles experienced throughout history. America will go the way of all great civilizations that have sought to maintain an empire ending with the death spiral of tyranny and chaos. We are well along in our death throes. The inevitable happens. But it does not have to happen now.

What must come soon, in order to postpone our fate, is no minor perturbation, but a total revolt against the powers that seek to enslave us. The coming battle must do far more than the people’s Trumpian  response that has lead just to a majority revulsion against the entrenched corruption and the legally protected, privileged classes wrapped in desperate pleas for economic, social and political relevance. The hidden hands of the powerful behind the now almost all encompassing total surveillance state must be cut off and burnt. There must be a complete dismantling of the Anglo/American empire.

Despite the fears that have been inculcated on the minds of the masses by the propaganda of the state, Americans should reject the notion that our power is all that protects the world from entropy. It is a ruse devised by the warlords of the military industrial, financial and transnational corporate cabal. America, under the rule of treasonous globalists, the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group and all of the anti-American transnational fascist corporate elites, that occupy the seats of power, has long been the perpetrator of the chaos and global conflict around the world that have required the humanitarian intervention, intervention that requires the empire and its vassals to bomb and occupy any nation that seeks independence from their bloodsucking tentacles.  

Donald Trump and his administration must be just a stepping stone to the next phase of what will be many years of civilizational conflict against the cult of the degenerate, progressive transnational elites that have run this country with increasingly blatant arrogance for far, far too long. I have said this for many years, but here it goes again: the notion that this nation operates under a primarily two party political system is a total mirage constantly reinforced by the entire electoral process itself. There has been only one, and only one, true political power party and it has been so with the passage of almost all of the Presidencies since at least the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson; it can simply be termed the Fascist Empire of the United States.  It may appear, however, that there has been an anomaly in the matrix with the election of Donald Trump. 

Oh, and one more thing–show how democracy should work by stop rewarding the absurdity that is Hollywood and those rich, overstuffed with arrogance,  self-importance and systemic ignorance; the actors and actresses (yes, the genetically, birth defined gender term differentiating males from female thespians) that occupy that little slip of the surreal by not attending their overpriced movies. Would it not be a wondrous sight to witness these true basket of deplorables groveling at the feet of the unwashed masses begging them to return to the theaters they abandoned in protest? Let the civilizational irrelevant of celluloid return to entertainment and end your presumption of political significance. There are few to no Ronald Reagan’s lurking among your sickening, morally degenerated midst.  

And even one more thing! The CIA, NSA and the agencies representing the powerful hidden state, are attempting one of the biggest frauds they have ever conducted, and lord knows they are professional liars with so much blood on their hands from conning the American people. Anyone who believes the professional purveyors of deception over Julian Assange and those insiders who have recently erupted from the darkness to attack the corruption that surrounds us, is likely irredeemably trapped in the establishment’s propaganda, indoctrination mental lockbox.  The accusations against the Russians are total BS.