If Trump Is Allowed To Win (A Big If)–The American Spring Will Be Fragile For Many Years-The Nation Has Been Deeply Poisoned

We are at war in America, the most important war since 1775. Perhaps even more so. For it is not a war over self-rule or for economic self-determination, it is a war that will determine if we and our children live free or as slaves. It is a war the outcome of which will determine if we live in the dystopian worlds of Huxley, Orwell and Burgess or in the America as visioned by our founders.

What if both political parties, right and left, are controlled by the exact same people? Quigley shines some light on this topic as well: The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.

tumblr_o6til96ci11qinrtgo1_500Real power is unelected. Politicians change, but the power structure does not. The Network operates behind the scenes, for its own benefit, without ever consulting those who are affected by its decisions. The Network is composed of individuals who prefer anonymity. They are “satisfied to possess the reality rather than the appearance of power.” This approach of secretly exercising power is common throughout history because it protects the conspirators from the consequences of their actions. A primary tactic for directing public opinion and “government” policy is to place willing servants in leadership positions of trusted institutions (media, universities, government, foundations, etc.). If there is ever a major backlash against a given policy, the servant can be replaced. This leaves both the institution and the individuals who actually direct its power unharmed.

Historically, those who establish sophisticated systems of domination are not only highly intelligent; they are supremely deceptive and ruthless. They completely ignore the ethical barriers that govern a normal human being’s behavior. They do not believe that the moral and legislative laws, which others are expected to abide by, apply to them. This gives them an enormous advantage over the masses that cannot easily imagine their mind-set.

Advances in technology have enabled modern rulers to dominate larger and larger areas of the globe. As a result, the substance of national sovereignty has already been destroyed, and whatever remains of its shell is being dismantled as quickly as possible. The new system they’re building (which they themselves refer to as a New World Order), will trade the existing illusion of democratically directed government for their long-sought, “expert-directed,” authoritarian technocracy.

==Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy (Plummer, Joseph)

I must admit that the recent events have made it increasingly obvious that there is only one way that Hillary Clinton will ever enter the White House except in chains, massive voter fraud followed by some form of crisis that allows Obama to exercise executive powers to suppress not only likely civil disobedience, violent or not, but also the squashing of the investigations into the Clinton networks crimes, which very likely also include his own. It has been said by many for months, particularly by Alex Jones, that an overwhelming American revulsion against Hillary, and all she represents, would make it almost impossible for her and the neocons and progressive fascists that support her to ever claim victory. We now, apparently, also have break away patriotic members of the Deep State fighting a rear action war against the Clinton criminal conspiracy. 

Now, barring war or a massive false flag domestic terrorist event or even the unexpected death of one of the candidates or elected President-in-waiting that results in Obama assuming crisis powers, perhaps under COG (Continuity Of Government) can prevent the first phase of an American renewal from taking place; the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. It will be a long, hard and truly multi-generational task to flush the rot out of the system. First, and foremost, of the corruption that has spread throughout our government, not only in Washington, but across the nation; but to do so upholding the highest standards of respect for the rule of law. However, there can be no pardons. There can be no “for the good of the nation” leniency.

The crimes of everyone of the perpetrators of the attempt to railroad the election process, in some cases bordering on treason, must be dealt with as harshly as if they were committed by some lesser mortals, the average citizens of America. The crimes of the Clinton Foundation and all who were directly or indirectly engaged in them must also be prosecuted without mercy, for the arrogance and greed of this conspiracy has not only been beyond imagination, it has also severely impacted the lives of thousands if not more. Just look at what these pigs did or, more accurately, did not do to rebuild the lives of the destitute of Haiti. The prosecution of criminal conspiracies cast a wide net, for all associated and even distantly aware of the crimes committed are as guilty as the main perpetrators themselves.

Thus, as there can be little doubt of some direct participation, there will be a number of key members of the corrupted mainstream media that also should be on the receiving end of the law. There can be no exceptions and, as is most likely, there are a vast number of individuals that end up being found guilty, there can be no remedies other than prison. The subversion of the political process, the raping of the people of this nation by these greedy, above the law elites is bad enough, but the destruction of America’s moral and ethical fibers is perhaps even a worse crime. 

Next must come an even more arduous task the Third Great Awakening. America and Americans must return to the core belief systems that gave this nation not only its vibrancy, work ethic and courage, but also its sense of community. Although the true history of this nation may be less comforting when the myths and memes created by the ruling elites are torn away from our indoctrinated eyes, a nation dedicated to the truth must arise from the cesspool of an America blinded by lies. If we seek the truth from our politicians and government, without an honest assessment of this nation’s history; from its many wars to the truth of 9/11, from the assassinations of JFK, RFK, & MLK (good thing Trump is not Krump) to the corporate and financial corruption that has been the fluid that liquified the dank, foul sludge that has filled our political sewers and resulted in untold deaths here and around the globe.

America stopped being exceptional a long time ago. Who has asked Donald Trump when America was last truly great? The evil that is the Clinton’s did not arise out of the quantum vacuum into an America dominated by high moral, ethical or religious standards, just the opposite. The slow, steady destruction of our civilization has been the intention of a small, powerful group of progressive fascists since nearly the founding of the progressive movement and certainly since it was co-opted by the Fabians, socialist secular humanists and cultural Marxists in the early 20th Century. These people knew full well that in order to be successful in building their vision of a technocratic Administrative Socialist State, managed by only those elites who breathe the same rarefied air of purity of thought and truth that they have ascended to, could only happen slowly over several generations.

hqdefault-28They knew that they must destroy all that made America what it was and could be. They knew that Christianity must be demonized and made irrelevant, for the moral clarity and sense of unity that the church gave was anathema to their need to control the moral (immoral), particularly sexual, landscape of the nation. They knew that all forms of community support, from local social clubs to the PTA had to be dismantled, for they provided breeding grounds for thought and local support that they could not control. They needed to dismantle the traditional family, its values, its mores and its cohesiveness. They needed to control the avenues of social and political propaganda. They needed to dismantle the historical ties that Lincoln called the “mystic chords of memory”, but subverting and controlling the historical narrative, not for truth’s sake, but to remove the social cohesion that a common history, a common language and shared values provides. They needed to destroy the nation of America, leaving only the State in a unity of world states with little left of national sovereignty, by dissolving our borders. For a State without protected and defined borders cannot survive as one independent nation.

 In essence they had to “destroy the village in order to save it.” However to save it according to the visions of an elite that did not believe in the America of the founders nor of the Constitution, but of Marx, British Fabians and progressives such as H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, Bernard Shaw and evolutionary Fabian Americans of the likes of Dewey, Walter Lippmann (influenced Wilson), Stuart Chase ( influenced FDR) and many others. These people were, for the most part, prolific writers and their “vision” of what has become America’s present has been there for all to read for the past 100 plus years.

images-10The problem with this, our American Spring, is that the insidious slow poison of the progressives, Fabians, Marxists combined with the ideologies of control, power and transnational globalism of the Anglo-American financial and power elites to create a toxic cocktail that is going to take herculean efforts and many, many years to counteract. But rooting out the corruption is a first and necessary step. The next is recapturing the educational system, which has been the progressive fascist and transnational totalitarian conduit of indoctrination since the “founder of modern American education” and the American Fabian Society, John Dewey, started the process back at the turn of the last century; all in order to create the ideal, docile proletarians that, up until today, we had become. But that is for another discussion. For now, let us act and pray that Trump and the American people are successful at wresting control of this country back from the most corrupt, treasonous cabal ever to descend upon us all. Unfortunately, a win for America on the 8th will only be just the very first, but essential, success in a long, long war to reclaim America