Trump Derangement Syndrome–They Will Take Him Down

I wish I had the faith of Alex Jones and Roger Stone, but I don’t. I want Trump to be real, to be the genuine article that the people of America, along with myself, voted for; however, I am further along in my doubts by a mile than Ann Coulter apparently is voicing. Then again she started with a blinded loyalty that was far from my starting point. President Trump could very well be all that his supporters wished him to be, yet he has become so surrounded by those seeking to derail his Presidency, that the Trump before January 20th has been suffocated and emasculated, overwhelmed by the pervasive criminal culture and its Deep State incubators in our nation’s capital. I pray such is not the case and that, if not a Trojan Horse from the very start, the President can break out of the web of deceit spun around him by the sulking behemoths of poisonous spiders that have been planning this attack on America and the world for generations.

However, anyone who understands the power of the hidden hands ruling the Anglo-American and most of Europe for the past 150 years or so, that is anyone who has truly plunged down the reality rabbit hole and removed the cobwebs of indoctrination, brainwashing and the mirage of the Potemkin world constructed around us all by power and evil that transcends most of our worst nightmares, will have long ago concluded that there has not been a truly democratic election in the United States since at least Woodrow Wilson. If, the Trump election was indeed a surprise to the enlightened ones, the aftermath is certainly not so, as they have clearly forced him to walk into the effluent poisoning and choking America, of which he cannot be unaware.

Wilson, of course, a total puppet of his minder and control agent, Colonel House, was the first insatiably progressive fascist of the 20th century, preceding Mussolini by a decade. He became the President solely for the actions taken in only two years of his disastrous two terms, 1913 and 1917. The conspiracy of power needed Wilson to win in 1912 so that once President he would impose on America and the world not only the Federal Reserve, the key cornerstone of our nation’s inevitable death, but also the Income Tax, the right of the government to steal from the American people backed by the coercive power of a police state. In 1917, following his reelection, Wilson fulfilled his final promise, not the one he made to the American people under the campaign rallying cry “He kept us out of the war”, for that was simply a blatant lie.

Without the “Olympians” as John Coleman calls them in his excellent book on the “Committee of 300” inducing Teddy Roosevelt to run again under the Bull Moose party banner, Taft would surely of won and America and it’s people would not be turned into the serfs we are today. These powers have chosen the candidates of both parties, allowing some differences in tone and scope of policies on social issues at home, but little to none on the policies of finance, war and empire. The “democratic’ election process is a ruse, a game played on all of us to expend our civic energies every four year in bursts of public exhaustion. Even when a candidate that has true popular appeal is approved by the hidden hands, they are immediately castrated by direct control over their entire administration.

When Ronald Reagan was maneuvered into the Oval Office by the CIA and Bush’s Iran/Israeli October Surprise, the price was G.H.W. Bush, one of the more evil members of the cabal, a pedophile, heroin and cocaine kingpin, a Skull & Bones loyal toddies of the pinnacles of the Illuminati, as Vice President. In similar fashion, Bush seniors son, of a justifiably far less powerful stature in the hierarchy of the cabal, was surrounded by the real “deciders”, the war cabinet of the neocon, globalist CFR Praetorian Guard; Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice and Wolfowitz.

The Clinton’s were groomed for power, practically from birth and of course, besides being card carrying members of the heirs of Adam Weishaupt, Cecil Rhodes and all of the secrete societies that were their progeny. Obama, the man with no past, but that created by Tavistock, Soros and the network, was simply the icing on the proverbial cake baked with the poison of America’s decay, the perfect Manchurian Candidate, smooth as the devil and equally corrupt. His image will haunt America for many generations to come, if there is an America left standing after this process of intentional self-destruction ends. For Trump, the jury is about to let out, even so soon in his presidency, and by the evidence so far  the verdict is very, very disconcerting.

Why is this? Because the corruption is far deeper, more persuasive and has metastasized beyond any one man’s capacity to stem. We are led to believe by the thoroughly Deep State owned corporate media and the actors on the stage of Washington politics, that this whole anti-Trump derangement is based on ideological differences and a sudden appearance of respect for the rule of law, all but totally abandoned during the Obama presidency. This is total Bull Shit. In reality it comes down to only one thing, only one: a depth of corruption, treason and moral degradation that all of the nefarious players in the cesspool that stretches from Washington DC and Wall Street to the boardrooms of every mainstream media corporate purveyor of the Orwellian lie as truth are wallowing within.

I have said this ad nauseum, they will never, ever give up control. Never. This whole election and unfolding insanity was and is a setup, with Trump as the duped honest clown. Clinton was too tainted so the ground was laid for Trump, but so was the trap of isolating him in a White House surrounded by Deep State operatives. The game is playing out according to their plans. I say again, prepare for civil war. Prepare for martial law.

-Only Trump Derangement Syndrome Can Explain Calls For Impeachment

The Comey Affair; Lies And Reality Pass Like Trains In The Night

Nobody is shocked. In the swamp, nobody is amazed. The media pretend shock, awe, and amazement, because when they do, their ratings go up.

NEWSMAN #1: Trump fired Comey.

NEWSMAN #2: Biggest thing since the great Chicago fire of 1871.

NEWSMAN #1: Bigger. How do we play this? The Democrats wanted Comey’s head for what he did to Hillary. Trump just fired Comey. I’m confused.

NEWSMAN #2: Doesn’t matter. Say Trump just burned up the Constitution. Say he hates dogs and little children. Say his hair is actually a wig made of Russian sable.

NEWSMAN #1: What about the truth?

NEWSMAN #2: The what? You poor sap. Truth is relative to agenda. Did you miss that lesson in journalism school?

NEWSMAN #1: I didn’t go to journalism school. I got my PhD in philosophy at Yale. I wrote my thesis on a comparison of “an” and “the” in ancient Babylonia.

Fired FBI Director Comey is obviously in trouble. Cry for him. He’ll have to go on food stamps and welfare now, won’t he? Will he be able to collect Social Security? He’s too young! He needs crowdfunding. Send canned food.

The media are portraying Trump firing Comey as “breathtaking,” “stunning,” “shocking.” They’re saying this is how Washington is reacting.

If you live in Washington, try to find somebody who is really sucking air and trying to breathe. Find somebody who is leaning against a wall because he’s stunned. Find somebody whose eyes are rolling up inside his head from the shock.

It’s all made up. It’s all hyped.ce: The Comey Affair; Lies And Reality Pass Like Trains In The Night

Trump Defiles the Sanctity of Government, and It Drives the Center-Left Mad – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world

Has the center-left ever been more apoplectic about a presidency? It can’t have been this nuts even during the Nixon presidency. Every day, their publications fill up with articles that are breathless to the point of hysteria about the disgrace that the Trump administration is bringing to the affairs of government. His incessant tweeting, his violations of protocol, his attacks on the press, and even the very existence of this administration has them in permanent meltdown.

Here is an example. I’m leaving the over-the-top language from Charles Blow’s New York Times piece just to provide flavor:

I feel as if we are being conditioned to chaos by a “president” who abhors the stillness of stability. Every day we awake to a new outrage. We now exist in a rolling trauma — exhausting and unrelenting…. This should shock the whole of America out of its numbness. This is outrageous and without precedent… The sheer brazenness of it all is stunning…. It’s all just too much. We need an independent investigator. I don’t trust anything — anything! — coming out of this White House, and I don’t trust this feckless Congress to constrain Trump. This is not about partisanship, but patriotism. We must protect this country from moral corrosion, at best, and actual destruction, at worst. If this doesn’t stink to you, your nose is broken.

Yes, I know you have read something similar a thousand times in the last months. You have seen it on television stations, pretty much 24/7. Or you can turn on National Public Radio and listen to the same all day.

Or consider after Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The headlines by midnight all screamed: Crisis of Democracy! But I woke up the next morning and failed to see the evidence. The banks were open. People were buying chicken biscuits at the convenience store. The kids were getting dressed for school. Everything seemed normal.

It’s remarkable. This frenzy even has a name: Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is an identifying state of mind. It has particular symptoms.

Source: Trump Defiles the Sanctity of Government, and It Drives the Center-Left Mad – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world