Trump is Absolutely Right: John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

It is to be expected that the MSM and the Democrats would jump all over Trump to play up the convenient propaganda meme of the vulgar, insanity of the Republican party. As well, a field of Republican Presidential candidates eating Trumps dirt, as he has ridden by them in the polls, reveled in the opportunity of Trump bashing on a subject they could easily transfer to a slight on the military in general. But the outcry is also the entire corrupt political elites necessary response to an attack on one of their own, a member of the inner circle and a former Presidential candidate. However, Trump is 100% correct.

John McCain is very likely the most important war mongering representative of the Military Industrial Complex in the Congress of the United States.  He is a fraud wrapped around by myths of his own making and supported over the years by those that benefit from his subservience to the War State and its corporate masters. From palling around with terrorists in Syria to his fondness for the total destruction of the relatively recent ally state of Libya the history of this war addicted, defense department and military hardware corporate shill is nothing short of disgusting. But, of course, the American people, brainwashed into a state imbecility refuse to see it, but Donald Trump does. Listen to these videos and interviews–

I have read a considerable amount on the subject of Senator McCain and he is a dangerous fraud that does not deserve to be representing anyone in the Senate or anywhere else. Hundreds, if not thousands, of American serviceman that fought in Vietnam were abandoned by this man, who was willing, yes under harsh conditions, to become the Hanoi Jane of the North Vietnamese prisoner of war camps. 

Fellow POW’s say John McCain Was a Coward and a Traitor in Viet Nam.


I remember some weeks ago John McCain was having a cow that the NY Times was going to print an article and a battle ensued. No mention was ever made as to why McCain was actually begging and threatening the NY Times over this article. No further mention as been made about this article and I wonder if this bitter fight that took place according to the editor of the NY Times wasn’t because of the information contained in the video’s below.

John McCain has stood in the way of many a family, loved one and groups from getting our MIA’s and POW’s back. Even though they have more enough proof that there were over a 100 POW’s that were still being held and sent to other country’s. These groups and families point out that John McCain himself is stopping them from getting our fellow countrymen home.


Fellow POW’s are sure the reason is he was a coward and a traitor as a POW in Viet Nam and it would ruin his political career if this were ever to find its way to the main stream media. They have put together eye witness accounts that describe McCain’s traitorous actions during his time as a prisoner in Viet Nam by his fellow prisoners. Former Senators, Governors and political records flat out nail John McCain as a scared little man on the run from a history of lies and deceit.

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