Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ ‘KKK,’ Want Them ‘Euthanized’ After Tampa Rally | The Daily Caller

This is how it begins. Euthanize, kill Trump supporters? Sickening.

Can you imagine the media outrage if I said that of Obama or Hillary supporters? Hell, even if I called for such against the true Nazi Storm Troopers, ANTIFA?

We are in very, very dangerous waters. More so, in my opinion than at any time in our nation’s history, even the Civil War. In the Civil War, there was still a modicum of civility and between opponents. This is the stuff of Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin.

President Trump held a raucous rally in Tampa, Florida, Tuesday night.

Thousands of supporters packed the arena to hear Trump hammer his critics and tout his administration’s accomplishments. There was plenty of hecklers, comedy, and chants about Hillary and 2020. Trump stopped to pick on one of his favorite targets, the media, approximately half-way through the speech. The president heckled the press in the press pen as “fake news” and the audience roared, chanting “Fake News” and “CNN Sucks” at the reporters.

On of the favorite targets of the audience was CNN’s Jim Acosta, who tweeted multiple videos of the crowd mocking him before and after the rally. Acosta blamed Trump for the vitriol, saying “I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt.”  The tweet showed Trump supporters jeering at Acosta after the rally.

Reporters, Celebs Call Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ ‘KKK,’ Want Them ‘Euthanized’ After Tampa Rally | The Daily Caller