The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre; Gun Control, America’s Problem, Not Enough Diversity, Hug A Muslim? Total Ideological Blindness and Bullshit

Wilfull blindness to Islamic Terrorism, to the inherent propensity to total, unrestrained evil by the religion of Islam itself, is a criminal act: When its odious, putrid ideological denial of facts, of truth and reality is embraced by our political leaders and American citizens die as a result, it is treason.

The entire progressive PC left and the voices of our children from the brainwashed idiocracy of our universities and the elites that are fostering and prodding the total destruction of American Civilization share in the blame for the deaths in Orlando along with a far larger percentage of the Muslim community than the mainstream media will ever admit.

The screams of the progressives that this was America’s fault, that it was from lack of gun controls, from lack of tolerance and diversity is one of the most disturbing aspects of the our national disintegration.These idiots will be convinced of their righteous, even as their throats are slit and their transgender children are thrown from the roofs of their gated homes as this insidious invasion of Islamic Terrorist pigs continues unabated. 

Source: The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre – YouTube