Turkey Denies Reports of Deal for Use of Its Bases in Fight Against Islamic State – Because they support ISIS!

---iUBkN_normalISTANBUL — A day after American officials said Turkey had agreed to allow its air bases to be used for operations against the Islamic State, which they described as a deal that represented a breakthrough in tense negotiations, Turkish officials said on Monday that there was no deal yet, and that talks were still underway.

The Turkish comments represented another miscommunication between the United States and its longtime ally Turkey, as President Obama pushes to strengthen an international coalition against the militants that control a large area of both Syria and Iraq, by securing a greater role for Turkey.

The Turks have insisted that any broad support to the coalition is dependent on the mission going beyond the Islamic State, also called ISIS or ISIL, to also target the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, which Turkey has long opposed and blames for creating the conditions that led to the rise of the extremists within Syria and Iraq.

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via Turkey Denies Reports of Deal for Use of Its Bases in Fight Against Islamic State – NYTimes.com.

ISIS fighters killed by Kurds were members of Turkish MIT (Intelligence Services) –TheMuslimissue.com

If you wonder why the Turkish government is refusing to fight the Islamic state, and refusing permission to foreign military bases near the Turkish border. And should there be any confusing as to why Erdogan’s government is shooting at civilian Kurds who are trying to flee ISIS terrorists to safety, here is the answer.

These three ISIS fighters were killed and turned out to be members of the Turkish MIT: