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652112The US ambassador to Syria since 2010 until the closing of the US Embassy in Damascus has been Robert Stephen Ford (“Mr. Death Squad, Jr.”) Before Syria, Ford was Political Counselor to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad under John Negroponte, who has been so infamously linked to death squads in Iraq.

High on the CIA’s to-do list for ‘regime change’ in Syria—as was the case with the genocidal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya—is the creation of an embryonic Syrian government-in-exile made up of right-wing hardliners and/or convicted conmen. Early last year, the Syrian National 227346F0-F7F1-447C-970D-D27D484AFA46Council was created with its headquarters in Turkey. To get an idea of the political leaning of this clique, we need only look to the comments of its Chairman, Burhan Ghalioun, a French professor of political sociology and potential future President of Syria. On December 2, 2011 Ghalioun said that if his regime takes over Syria it would “end the military relationship to Iran and cut off arms supplies to Hezbollah and Hamas, and establish ties with Israel.”

Iraq and Libya are prime examples of the viciousness of this U.S. imperialism which mumbles on about “nation-building”—while smashing and plundering already highly-developed nations into ruins.

==ISIS IS US: The Shocking Truth Behind the Army of Terror (Washington Blog, George;Madsen, Wayne;Tarpley, Webster;Partisan, Syrian Girl)

There’s been a lot going on lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed the latest drama from of U.S. ally, and sometimes ISIS/al-Qaeda supporter Turkey.Recently, a peace petition circled the globe calling on the Turkish government to end fighting against Kurdish militants in the country’s southeast, which has reportedly led to thousands of civilian deaths. By January 15th, 2,000 Turkish academics had signed the petition, which was too much for authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to handle. He not only publicly denounced the entire affair, he went ahead and started arresting people.

-US Ally Turkey Arrests Academics for the Crime of Signing a Peace Petition

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