U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border

180814snipeAmericans are expendable when the cause is in the interests of the State–If we could only ask the generals who proposed Operation Northwoods, LBJ and the masterminds of the Gulf of Tonkin and the 50,000 good Americans and millions of Asians who died for our hubris, FDR and the thousands on the ships in Pearl Harbor, Colonel House over the withholding of the truth from the American public concerning the massive armaments being illegally carried in the hull of the Lusitania and who redirected the ship into a known German submarine shooting gallery, those really behind 9/11 and the subsequent lies of Iraqi WMD -and why we really destroyed Libya, did nothing in Benghazi and now are going to war in Syria–but then some of these answers could be provided by the people who have them, but they won’t because the system itself is at fault–all of it.

So, we prepare to be sacrificed again on our soil or on foreign soil–the specter of fear will rise again and the State in all of its glory will take away more of our freedoms and eventually we will be still, frozen in the prison we call America. Wake up of ye zombified people, wake up.

UPDATE 7:28 P.M.: Following publication of Francis Taylor’s remarks, a DHS spokesperson contacted the Washington Free Beacon to clarify his comments about the exact threat ISIL poses to the southern border.

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/War-On-Syria-_Cartalucci_Bowie.pdf”]“There is no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an active plot by ISIL to attempt to cross the southern border,” the DHS spokesperson said.

A senior Homeland Security (DHS) official confirmed to Congress on Wednesday that militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) are planning to enter the United States via the porous southern border.

Francis Taylor, under secretary for intelligence and analysis at DHS, told senators during a hearing that ISIL supporters are known to be plotting ways to infiltrate the United States through the border.

“There have been Twitter, social media exchanges among ISIL adherents across the globe speaking about that as a possibility,” Taylor told Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) in response to a question about “recent reports on Twitter and Facebook of messages that would urge infiltration into the U.S. across our southwestern border.”

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/US_Confirms_ISIL_Planning_Infiltration_of_US_Southern_Border.pdf”]

via U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border | Washington Free Beacon.