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Several dashes of ignorance, a pinch of stupidity, a smidgen of docility and a whole bowl of self-gratification and social narcissism mixed into a boiling cauldron of gullibility and self-delusion and voila!, by God, we have the perfect American lobotomized citizen.  

18e2d437d3752ea16e7b07fab76663a5I watch in amazement the ease at which the propaganda of the State controls this nation. We are so easily manipulated and controlled it is frightening. Indolent minds and willful ignorance in the happy pursuit of the new iPhone 6, the eager useless banter over the coming weekends big games or what the fate of wife battering football thugs should be as we pursue lives of purposeless routine, all encompassed in a government sponsored haze of heightened anxiety and fear. While all around us the lies, corruption and increasingly destructive manipulation of reality by the power and wealthy elites drives this nation and the world closer and closer to an abyss of fascism, tyranny and global dictatorship from which the sounds of the agony of a dying civilization can be heard faintly from its dark depths.  

Just a few quick thoughts, as I find it so damn hard to keep my sanity today in our American asylum and thus, my thoughts in order.

Everything about us is an illusion or a diversion from the reality we should be focused on. While, Americans debate the latte salute of the President which truly is about as meaningful as the daily scatological pronouncements from the royal Groom of the King’s Stool in the days when such a position was of great honor, criminal, treasonous activities continue to unfold without commentary.

The Scottish elections were a travesty of justice and the democratic process. The Queen’s sigh of relief with David Cameroon said it all, but there was little doubt of the outcome. Vote fraud that will never see the light of day, though perhaps not enough to have swayed the outcome, massive spending by the power elites, last minute promises that are unlikely to be kept and the entire world order supporting the no vote, clearly doomed the prospects for freedom for the Scottish people from the very start. 

What is unfolding in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East in general, is all part of a long thought out plan. From Obama’s reticence to the blather and verbal diarrhea pouring forth from our TV sets it is convenient for the true State to have us believe in the haphazard unfolding of uncontrollable events by a leaderless system. Such is not the case. The indirect cover up by Leon Panetta of the Benghazi arms shipments to the Syrian “moderate Islamic” revolutionary terrorists with his story of he and Hillary’s attempts to get the President to do just what was going on all along is right out of the Reagan Contra playbook. It makes a mockery of our intelligence, but then what doesn’t?

I have very grave doubts about the November elections. Despite the autocratic nature of the Presidency and the power of the veto, the leveBad-Taste-AGGGHHHHl of blatant, in your face criminality that has gone on over the past few years of the Obama administration cannot be allowed to see sunlight, a risk that may result in voter fraud beyond anything we have experienced in our nation since the Union military occupation of the South in 1867.

Of course, it may not really matter anyway as the real set-up is for Hillary in 2016, but with a totally complicit Department of Justice I have grave doubts about the ability of the Republicans to take back the Senate. Watch the media. Increasing stories of comebacks, closing races and swing states in doubt and we will get a pretty good idea that the machinery of the unbridled Leviathan is gearing up to disappoint those of us who would simply find relief in not having to listen to that  corrupt idiot on the floor of the Senate, whose worst nightmare apparently would be finding himself trapped in a broken elevator with the Koch brothers.

The idea that a  very rich, carbon emitting (makes bovine flatulence tame) Al Gore, the cesspool called the United Nations, the Obama and all of the globalist minions can fool the American people and the entire world into giving up their national sovereignty, embracing communist/socialist anti-capitalist ideologies and likely burdening themselves with additional taxes (as long as the other guy is paying for it) that may, in the end, accrue to some transnational, global bureaucratic coercive police force, simply boggles the mind…Clearly the total chaos of the Cloward-Piven model works, our already feeble minds just can not take so many disruptive points of entry. Bounded rationality, or irrationality at its very best..

Excellent piece by Mike Krieger.

Thanks to a dizzying barrage of lies, mainstream media fear-mongering and a couple of beheadings, the Obama Administration finally achieved its long sought after war in Syria. The tactic that proved most effective in mobilizing the American public back into a shivering, post-9/11 fetal position, was the same tactic used by elites in the UK to convince Scotland against voting for independence. That tactic, as I detailed in a recent post, is fear.

However, fear in itself is not enough. It must be coupled with endless slogans and misdirection by the mainstream media and politicians. It must lead the public to subconsciously embrace a thought process that is completely irrational. Such tactics can be labeled propaganda, and it results in a public suddenly supporting a war it strongly opposed only a year ago. All it takes is a little repackaging. Propaganda allows those who profit from war to push the American public into a tizzy of trepidation based on a couple of beheadings from ISIS, while not batting an eye over the daily beheadings that were simultaneously occurring in Saudi Arabia.

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